Celebrity, spring/summer 2007

Kylie Minogue

Kylie is so back. She is now healthy again. And she looks better than ever. And the summer has finally came. So it’s not wonder why H&M chooced Kylie to be their model their summer collection. She is gorgeous I think.

After she’s had her comeback her entire style has changed. It’s now more grown up, feminine, fashionable and chic. And we all just love the change. How could we not?

If the collection won’t be a best-seller I’ll be surprised.
Also, part of the profits ( 10%) made by the collection will be gived to Water Aid.


5 thoughts on “Kylie Minogue

  1. her line looks pretty cool plus H&M is not really expensive . Good point for her . Hope now she feels better …

  2. (Toivottavasti on ok et mä kommentoin suomeks :)). Mun mielestä Kylien mallisto ei ollut niin kiva, siinä on joitakin ihan järkyttäviä kappaleita, omasta mielestäni. Mutta hän kyllä näyttää ihanan kesäiseltä (ja photoshopatulta ;))! Halaus

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