street style

Most Sweetest Things

I was searching the street styles and these are the ones I loved most .

stil in berlin

I love the way she is showing skin. it’s different. and not tacky.

hel looks

she is great ! really !

prada and meatballs

she looks the way i would want to , so cool .


i knew that yellow was coming to streets as well .

face hunter

he’s like a poet from the early 20th century . so bohemian . ( yellow socks ! )

street fancy

she looks like Kate Moss doesn’t she ?

J uliet

3 thoughts on “Most Sweetest Things

  1. i love the first stockholm outfit. the high waist black skirt, the white singlet and a stunning chloe bag, look extremely stylish without trying too hard.

  2. I adore the last picture, I also posted it on my blog. But I would never say the girl in the other picture looks like Kate Moss, NO WAY.

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