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RESORT 2008 Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera is one of the “fashion houses” which collections I like every single time. So it wasn’t a wonder I fell in love with this one. Although I haven’t yet quite understood why the whole resort -thing is created for I still seem to like all of those.

But cause it’s summer now this garden -theme really moves me. In some way this collection reminds me from the movie “Finding neverland” . And that’s just a good thing. Although the clothes of the movie don’t really remind the collection they still have the same spirit in them. Or then I’m just imagine all that cause all I’ve done today is read C.S. Lewis “Narnia”.

I like this dress, the fabric is fun and the shape of the jacket is great ( especially for summer ). And look at those shoes !! I love that tiny belt .

Anne Watanabe is really beautiful and she makes this dress work. It’s not that fitted that anyone could wear it and look gorgeous. But I still love the shape of it. specially the way it goes on the top. The print is really sweet. And in grey / black it looks sweet and fresh at the same time. ( It just wouldn’t work at the runway if it would be pink )

I don’t really have words for this one. It is amazing. I really like the way it is at the same time really classic and summery and how it still manages to look pretty and that real person could wear it looking good.

This one reminds me from Finnish fashion label Marimekko. I guess it’s cause of the print.

I really really really like this one. the layers look really beautiful. It looks like it’s comfortable to wear.

Cintia! Redhead! I would wear that. Anywhere, anytime. the length it perfect, it’s short but it’s not that short that you should be worrying all the time about it. The colours fir great together and it reminds me from the 50’s . and those shoes really are lovely !

The blouse is girly. Like the ones I wore as a child. But this one has those beautiful ..sequins?

Really, tell me, what are those lovely things?

Greek Goddess !

And another ! But who are they ?

Gaia ? [Goddess of the Earth]
Aphrodite? [the goddess of love, sexuality, outer beauty and attraction.]
Artemis? [the goddess of the hunt, animals, wilderness and the protector of maidens.]
Hera? [the goddess Queen of the heavens and stars, of marriage and fidelity.]
Eos? [the goddess-queen of the underworld, death, and spring renewal.]
Iris? [the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods]
Persephone? [the goddess-queen of the underworld, death, and spring renewal.]


4 thoughts on “RESORT 2008 Carolina Herrera

  1. Thanks for showing pics of this collection, it would have slipped my mind (to go and watch it) if you didn’t.. I especially love the shoes, the dresses are great too.. Well, I think I just agree wih the whole post ;)

  2. The first dress is gorgeous…well, all of them are ;) WOW, the SHOES!!!! I am stunned over how amazing they are. Thank you so much for posting those pictures :D

  3. I love everything…at first I was like oh I’ll just comment on my faves but everything looks wonderful.

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