With kisses !

At first I have to say to you guys that all the comments and linking that you’ve done mean the world to me .Really . My friends have told me that I sometimes get too excited over this blog . And I know they are probably telling me the truth and nothing but the truth but I can’t help the fact that i am totally in love with this whole thing. But I guess you all know how this feels.

these are both from Fall 2007 Ready-to-Wear Alexandre Herchcovitch Runwayshow and yes. The dress and the shirt are made from what they seem to be. Garbage bags . Yes. I am being serious . I don’t know what kind of statement Alexander is trying to make.

“The designer drew his inspiration from the highly resourceful manner in which the indigent plantation and mine workers of his native Brazil dress themselves. It could easily have devolved into parody, but Herchcovitch’s third look out—a white pointelle shirtdress crafted out of Tyvek—made you believe that he could pull it off.”

To other things then.

I don’t know how many of you have heard of this. But trust me. This is a thing you want to hear of. Knowing that there are many wanna-be-fashion-designers This is big news.

The Sims game is known all over the world and 70% of the players are female.
Now The Sims have made competition with association of H&M . The idea of it is that you design six different outfits for Sims character. Electronic arts ( ea ) and Hennes and Mauritz will choose their twelve favorites every week and among them will the public vote their favorite. The competition is worldwide and the winner will have his or hers designs sold at Hennes and Mauritz stores at fall.

The official network of the competition : here

I don’t know how this sounds to you guys. But I jumped up and down when I heard of it .



5 thoughts on “With kisses !

  1. The Sims contest sounds absolutely fun! I wish you luck with the contest, although I suspect an uncommon skill on your part. I’m wondering if you’ll use those shiny digital garbage bags, and whether you’ll color them red?

  2. hey.. just stumping upon ur blog and i think it’s totally adorable from the name to details. keep it up..i wear stella too but not the sheer version. oh, and i lurvvvvvv orchids! it’s one of the most beautiful things the world has offer, right?! Xx

  3. I love the big photo you just added to your blog name. Looks great. I also get a little too excited about this blogging thing but hey, it IS great!!!!!I posted a lot of brazilian fashion today, hope you like it.I’m going out tonight with friends (a couple visiting from Miami) but won’t be able to take my camera…I try and get more brasilian street style over the weekend.Take care.

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