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Getting married for free ?

At first just look at these dresses.

Tell me. If you wouldn’t know that these dresses (above) are from Hennes and Mauritz or from Mark and Spencer would you like them ?
What would you think of these if you wouldn’t know that all of them costed less than 200 £ ?
And for second time. What do you think when you know it ?

It is strange that on times when bridezillas want their dresses to be designed by their favorite high fashion designers there is appearing bridal wear on your nearest M&S. When did this happen?

and I do know that there is something in between of Houte Couture and these low prises.

1-3: M&S
4: Viktor and Rolf for H&M
5-6: Armani Privé
7: Jean Paul Gaultier
8: Christian Lacroix
9-11: Christian Dior
12: Ellie Saab
13-14: Valentino ( the whole collection was just like bridal )
15-16: Chanel ( same dress )

PS What do you think of the new ava?


6 thoughts on “Getting married for free ?

  1. Isn’t that last pic from the “bargains” also designed by Victor & Rolf, even it is from H&M. For me the price doesn’t matter that much, i just can’t afford the most expensive stuff. But this time the cheap ones aren’t too good for my taste. The dresses from Mark and Spencer are way too simple and the one from h&m is too freaky for me. Well I love the clothing by Victor & Rolf, but let’s face it, it is too freaky for my appearence.

  2. i think that as long as the dress suits the bride thats all that mattersits not good wearing a $100,000 dress if you looked better in one that was high streetgreat post

  3. I have to say that if I were to marry, I would my dress to be unique and made for me of the finest of the fabrics. High street cannot ever deliver me that. If you are having problems with money, I guess it is ok then, but I wouldn’t say it is a good idea. Everything is changed in to this factory-made ultra-fast marketing.I am not sure what you mean by ava, but the header is rather large. If I were you, I would edit it to be a lot smaller… at the moment it takes me ages to load.Keep on updating!

  4. I love that tv show ‘bridezillas’ it’s soooo funny to see them freaing out. This post makes me think of planning my wedding which won’t be for another few years.It does seem as though everybody wants a designer or vera wang gown lately it’s like everybody just landed on the money tree i don’t care where my dress is from as long as I love it.

  5. I definitely agree with doesn’t matter who has designed it as long as it suits you. And it is so important to look perfect on your wedding day..every girls dream!GREAT post…loved all the pictures!!

  6. I think the first and the second ones in the last row (Valentino?) doesn’t look so bad, but for the rest i don’t imagine myself wearing any other of those above. But i wouldn’t spend much time on bridal dresses, since i’m already married myself and i didn’t even want to wear a dress (or anything specoal on the big day..:)Nice blog you gotta here!

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