I fell in love again with my first love.

Shoes are from Christian Louboutin. Gorgeous, aren’t they? 

As I have told you, my heart jumped when i heard that Roland Mouret is coming back.
Roland was my first fashion love, the reason why fashion became such a passion for me. It was the late summer of 2005, I was 15 almost 16 and I was sitting at the backseat of our car while me and my family were driving back home after our annual summer holiday. The radio was probably playing Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback girl, Kelly Clarkson’s Behind these hazel eyes and Martti Vainaa & Sallitut aineet’s Pelimies . But I wasn’t listening, I was reading the magazines I had brought from Turku – Fashion magazines. My first ones. I did already like fashion. But I didn’t love, it was just nice.

Then I saw the picture. There were black evening dress in it, designed by Roland Mouret. It was gorgeous. And this was before his name was everywhere.
Since that picture I have followed the fashion, watched the runway shows, dreamed and sketched.

Now he’s back. With his RM collection he made great comeback. I was a bit worried what his designs would look after there had been ( in fashion world’s time) so big pause. But there was no need for that.
The collection was fresh and you could still see his signature in it. It had lighter colours than average fall collection. He had kept the colours down using only white, black, blue and different shades of grey. Great I think.
He knows how important it is to use good fabrics and his cuttings alone deserve attention.

Juliet xxx

11 thoughts on “I fell in love again with my first love.

  1. The shoes are fabulous, but i didn’t fall in love with the clothes, it sure looks beautiful, but i can’t imagine myself in it. My dream coat? Beautiful, classy, elegant, ageless, with a touch of sensuality and above all, warm enough in minus zero winter danish weather. I am afraid i’ll never find it:-S

  2. set: :P so am i romeika : yeah, the winter is cold also in here at Finland … And i haven’t eather found my dream coat…juliet xxx

  3. Thanks for passing again!i added you in my favorites blogs!Zara is so cool, but what are the international stores you buy in your city? Here in Brazil we have a lot of Zaras …because it we do like so much that spanish trend…:)a kissyour blog is so amazingand finland must be too…the only think that i know about your country is that is so cold there and Byork born there too, all right? do you like her?in fact i dont understand her music at all ;)more kisses

  4. kira fashion: thank you for the linking ! your blog is sweet . international stores?… well.. let me think .. H&M , of course, Benetton .. those are the biggest names i think. The town where i usually shop is quite small. I live at country side, in small village. Finland is great , cold but great.and Björk is from iceland :D juliet xxx

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