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Helsinki -Helsingfors

So, as I told you last week I spended few days in Helsinki. I live -to be accurate- in the middle of nowhere. Honestly. And cause I hate it when people copy me ( don’t you just hate it when you’re at somewhere and there is some other girl wearing the same dress as you are wearing ? ) I use every possible opportunity to shop for clothes that are hard ( or impossible ) to copy. So focused on vintage and young designers.

Let’s start with the vintage.

This is love. In it’s purest way.
Yves Saint Laurent vintage heels.
The right size, 10 cm heels and perfect fit.
( 45 € ( !!! ))

It didn’t had any mark of any label just print “America” inside it.
But that doesn’t matter, it’s in great condition and I love the colour.
(6 € )

This one has a tiny break in it. I’m still wondering how I’ll fix it.
Probably I’ll just cover it with a brooch.
( 5.4 € )
And then the young designers.
MNEMO : Helico
This lovely brooch is from Hundpark. (Unfortunately the sites are only in Finnish.)
But here is some pictures ( you don’t need to speak Finnish to understand these :)
(15 €)
Miia Halmesmaa Collection
These earrings are also from Hundpark.
If you’re interested for more I have her e-mail.
( 10 €)
From Hundpark again.
Lovely bracelet.
Designer’s name is Annika Rantala.
(15€ )

Tiia Vanhatapio: Elsa blouse.
I’m her huge fan so this was the second peak after the YSL heels.
And please don’t mind the pyjama pants (I’m a bit embarrassed ) I’m wearing in the photo, I’m still sick and I haven’t have bothered to dress properly -not even for the photo.
( 50 € )

I did also brought few basic tops from Mango and skirt and trousers from Zara, but cause those are international and well-known brands I don’t see the point in showing those.

Juliet xxx

9 thoughts on “Helsinki -Helsingfors

  1. Wow…wish I could visit Finland, is all I can say! Those are great finds! I wonder if you snagged those vintage YSL heels for the same vintage price…

  2. you did some buys to be proud of! I love the bag and the blouse is gorgeous.. I wonder what it must feel like to do vintage shopping and find treasures like those YSL heels!

  3. wow juliet you found some great stuff I especially love the purses! That yellow top is beautiful on you! Vintage shopping is so satisfying especially when you come accross some good finds! Glad you feel a little better.chin upxoxo

  4. LOVELY!!I have white pony brooch from Mia Halmesmaa…Hundpark has great jewellery selection! I hoped to visit Tiia Vanhatapio’s and Minna Parikka’s shop yesterday but it wasn’t open. Do you happen to live in Kajaani by the way?

  5. sylvi: ymmmärrän hyvin :Dkiki: noi YSL-kengät oli Ruuturouvasta. ava: it feels just great :D jennifer: thanks, i feel better all the time.indie : in kajaani? no :D, why?juliet xxx

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