Collection, fashion week, spring/summer 2007

Old " Look of the weeks" ( 25 – 29 )

By adding these here they won’t disappear and opening the page will get ( or at least it should get ) easier as I now can remove these from the side of the page ( elements ) . I also have “cleaned and redecorated” the blog in other ways.

Look of the week 25
Anna Molinari, spring/summer , ready to wear , 2007.

I loved this collection. The powder shades, mini lengths and girlie shapes just stole my heart. To me this collection does remind summer a lot, sure I can’t dress like that – nor don’t know anyone who could . But It seems to have a lot in common with the flowers , nightless nights and romantic midsummer day rituals that we have here.

Look of the week 26

Balmain spring/summer, ready-to-wear, 2007.After the week before I guess I missed something a bit more sleeker and plainer. And when white is one of the best colours of summer ( always ) this collection made me love it with the layers and metalic (“) details (“) .


Look of the week 27
Rodarte, spring/summer, ready-to-wear, 2007.Again after one plain week I missed something more detailed. Rodarte’s all looks are romantic and daring. The flowers might be too daring for real life ( in my case) but in the world of the world of fashion they are doing just great – or that’s what I think .
It’s not easy to do a maxi dress without showing a lot of skin and not to make it look too heavy for summer ( and to make it in bright colour ! ) but in here it was done.

Look of the week 28

Victoria’s Secret, 2006Sure, it’s not 2006, but in lingerie it doesn’t really never have best before date in it. ( that should be in clouded in trend pieces. In here there are something sweet, something daring, something sexy and something cute and innocent.
Perfect, isn’t it?

Look of the week 29

Michon Schur, spring/summer, ready to wear, 2007.
This makes me think old Greek goddess. And at the moment it is one of my this summer’s favorite collections.
All the models look not yet woman, but still definitely not like girls either.
Little women of our times may I say?

Juliet xxx


10 thoughts on “Old " Look of the weeks" ( 25 – 29 )

  1. I love the anna molinari’s collection very pure, romantic and filmy :)love the Balmain’s collection too <3

  2. – victoria’s secret is so sexy looks like something you would only wear in the bedroom haha.I love Anna Molinari, spring/summer collection it’s beautiful.Rodate did a good job with the romantic look though i’m not sure that I could ever pull it off.

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