spring/summer 2007

Why, Why not?

At the moment I couldn’t be any more angry to myself – I accidentally deleted all the pictures that I had made and used in/ for this blog. Yeah.
But I’m trying to survive and make a post about my old “look of the weeks” without those pics cause I’m not going to do those all over again.
Look of the week 30My favorite look of the show.
Moschino Spring / Summer 2007
The show was versatile there wasn’t just a one theme nor one “the ” colour, there were severel. Beige, black, red, black and white print, red and white print. And still there was the sertain signature style and yu could see that they all were part of the same collection.
Poorly this collection was a little dissapointment, I’m used to see flirty, girlie and feminine clothes on Moschino’s runways. And now there was skightly different kind of a style a bit baggy a bit layered. Not so curvy nor tempteteng as I thought it would be.
Look of the week 31
For me this one was the best of the show
Christopher Kane Spring / Summer 2007
I need to say that althrough his designs are quite different ( from majorty) and all his ideas has been used before I still find him quite clever. I don’t know is it just in my own head but I can’t help myself from thinking that he’s doing all the similaritys and 80s effects that i usually just hate. But he.. well, It’s like I know that what he’s doing is horrible but I still need to love it. I guess Britney is feeling something like that towards her wardrobe.
Look of the week 32
My favorite look from the show.

Emanuel Ungaro Spring / Summer 2007
Well, sure this collection might look like a bit weird or too printed, too colourful. Almost like a zoo. But that’s just at first. When you look at the hemlines ( like in this one) you’re gonna loose your heart for it. As the silhuettes are kept actually quite classic and sleek the madnes ( if that’s what you want to call it ) has been let out when the fabrics have been chosen. Like the collection would have been made from old memos with new fabrics. Fun.
Look of the week 33 My favorite look from the show.
Zero Maria Cornejo Spring / Summer 2007
This collection was very clean, very sleek, and very very ” tailored “. Or those are the feelings I’m getng out of it. Swedish fashion is one of my weakness’ and to me this collection could hav been Swedish. Classy, Elegant, Fashionable, Trendy, Timeless and Strong. All of those words I think when I see Swedish desingn.
Juliet xxx

9 thoughts on “Why, Why not?

  1. That must have been reallly irritating, all the same lovely post. I love the Moschino LBD it’s gorgeous and the colour of the Ungaro is heaven! I love sweddish fashion.

  2. The Moschino dress is so lovely. And wow, the emanuel ungaro gown is just beautiful! I love when you do posts about previous look of the week and model of the week :)

  3. kat: yeah, it was. but now I’m gonna make sure that I won’t loose my pics.jadorevogue: thank you, it’s nice to hear that you guys like what I’m doing.juliet xxx

  4. outch !! :((Kane’s s/s07 dresses are awesome and this one is the best choice, the perfect balance between rawness and absolute elegance, it’s brilliant!xx

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