Roses, tears and long jumps.

I am speechless, I honestly don’t know what to say. This ad, Kate Moss for Longchamp ( fall/winter 07/08) is one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen. The one they had for spring and summer was great, great enough to be copied on other ad campaigns. But this one. Is heaven. Even if I would forget that it’s Kate Moss ( the most stylish celebrity ever, who was considered as too old for ad campaigns by a company who’s products ( or at least all of the ones that i have seen in Finland, Sweden and UK) are probably designed for elder people. ( I know I’m mean …) ) sitting there, even if I would forget everything about fashion I would still have to think that the picture is beautiful .

God, I need a platin blond hair and Longchamp bag, don’t I ?

And then to the actual celebration. I am so glad that Jennifer ( who’s blog I dearly like ) from thought that i would deserve this award . Kisses !
So, who 5 should I give this?

For first Blushing Apples for bringing a bit of sunshine to my days.

Second one goes for Matleena from Sokeria Kans for being such a great designer and writer.

Third one is for Please don’t feed the models for making me actually think about things.

J’adore Vogue is getting the award cause even though she has just started she is making better job than I ever have. I’m so jealous.

and the last one goes to Russian Glamour even though i have no idea if it is she or he. and even though I don’t understand Russian at all I love all the pictures from editorials, fashion shoots etc. that are gathered there.

Juliet xxx 

ps. try to understand if my posts aren’t quite that good during next few weeks, I’m abi now and I’m gonna have my psychology matrculation examination in 11 days , I still have 4 books left to read. :/


6 thoughts on “Roses, tears and long jumps.

  1. aww! thank you, really honored ^_^ (BLUSH)! i always love your comments. blogging to meet people like you has been fun this past months. Also think you deserved this award! and dont worry we’ll be looking for your posting when you done with schoolwork :D

  2. I’m in love with that ad! Kate looks amazing. I just wish she would stick to her modelling and stop with all the selling out, she’s great at what she actually does. Her hair is like heaven here. It’s my fav ad of all at the moment.

  3. In all the circus that her relationship with Pete Doherty turned into, it’s sad to see how people forgot she’s actually a great model. And it’s nice to have a reminder of the fact :)

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