fashion week, spring/summer 2008

The end of NY and the beginning of London

NY was great, there were dissapointments, [few] big ones, but overall it was good. I just had my exam and I’m happy to say that it’s over. After spending whole last weekend with Freud, Mahler, Maslow , Erkison and the baby Albert it feels great to get back with my normal life. London. Well, I have to sy that though I love the city itself the fashion that they present to us isn’t quite that charming [Sure I don’t hate them al. And actually I don’t really even hate any of them, well Garet Pugh, but they just don’t do the trick for me. ]. And until now There hasn’t been that many exceptions.

Juliet xxx

10 thoughts on “The end of NY and the beginning of London

  1. Too many neutral shades in my opinion, but I love that Marc by Marc Jacobs dress. Not normally a fan of her, but it looks so cute on Lily Donaldson.S xx

  2. Thank you for such a great round up, your right ny had it’s bad points but good ones as well, london last week really turned it up though!

  3. -S says:

    for one thing, i hate heatherette for their non-designs. also, for the random celebrity runwalkers. jenna jameson? random. and completely not needed.

  4. everyone: thank you for the great comments !la primavera: ( i guess you why aren’t i posting more often)I’ve been really busy. my exam week will start tomorrow and I just had my ps final. and I just got my driving license. haven’t been on computer long enough to make a post.but i promise. after all this crazynes is over. … ( i know promises after promises … ) juliet xxx

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