Season’s three ‘it’ -models

I know that Milan fashion week isn’t over yet and that i haven’t posted anything about it yet. But I’m planing this different kind of post for Milan Fashion week cause it is where all the beautiful things happen. In NY we have the trends, in London the young comers and in Milan we have the beauty ( Not talking about Paris in here cause it hasn’t even opened yet ).

So naming three models I think are really doing something and that are new comers who seem to be in every single show. Well, yo need to remember that this is jst what I think. What do you think ?

1. Masha Tyelna

2. Suvi Koponen

3. Kasia Struss

Juliet xxx

9 thoughts on “Season’s three ‘it’ -models

  1. I really like Kasia Struss. I don’t know about Masha, she’s got some freaky eyes. I didn’t like Suvi Koponen at first but she amazes me every time I see her. Great post on the newcomers!

  2. Isn’t someone like Siri Tollerod the newest it model, Indie?I am usually a little bit out of these model things, but I have to say Masha’s eyes scare me…I like Suvi. Just because she’s Finnish…

  3. Spot on picks!I love Suvi and can’t quite believe thats she is the product of a Next Top Model show!!Eight seasons of ANTM has given the model world nothing interesting, so Suvi is a rare example.Masha, well, what can I say, I am in awe of her face. Whoever scouted her (or I don’t know, maybe she just walked into an agency) must be very smug indeed; she’s amazing!S xx

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