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Svensk, Svenskt, Svenska.

Sweden has always been more well-known than Finland and for several reasons. For first Finland doesn’t have the same kind of relationships to other countries ( big ones, like France, UK, Italy etc. ) because it isn’t as old as they are. As a second reason I guess I could name the Nobel prize which has it’s gala at Sweden and gathers people ( and celebrities) from all over the world. Sure it’s not the Oscars, But way more than nothing.
As a third reason that I could name for you is the shyness of Finnish people, in here it’s considered as a flaunt if you think too much about yourself or consider yourself as a good.

At the moment Sweden is having few moments – again.

Paris Hilton was dating Swedish model Alex Vaggo ( who didn’t even have any modeling jobs before her, just delivering pizzas

Giancarlo Ferré’s new designer is Swedish Lars Nilsson

in the picture from left to right : Elle Sweden’s editor Kristina Adolfsson, Dita von Teese and Lars Nilsson at the Sweden’s Elle gala of the year.

And Swedish model Matilda S, 17 years, is getting her career on the highway.


Finland isn’t doing that bad either.

IVANAhelsinki had the honour to be the first Finnish fashion house to get it’s fashion show to Paris fashion week. Interview here.

And of course we have Suvi Koponen.

Juliet xxx

So I’m here back in business and hoping that the rhythm will get back to normal as soon as possible.


7 thoughts on “Svensk, Svenskt, Svenska.

  1. Yes, I was going to say, you have Suvi which is pretty much a trump card!Also, you don’t have that many big personalities that are known in other countries. But then again, Sweden don’t really either!Yes, I know Galliano always dresses like this, I was just making the point that it would be great to dress as him for Halloween. Wow, can you imagine, that would be thebest costume!xx

  2. Matilda looks interesrting, wanna se e more of her !and Suvi’s really amamzing, you’ve chosen a great shotlovelveloveMaud

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