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Maggie Gyllenhaal for Agent Provocateur

Maggie Gyllenhaal is not an ordinary actress and we all remember her role in the movie Secretary. This is what I came up with when I was … studying … okey, shopping at Agent Provocateour’s site.

I would love to know the facts here, who shot it and how did she end up on that couch… But I don’t.

Gorgeous, isn’t it?
(that sound od….)

Short slip black – 155€
Classic and sexy. That’s why I love Agent Provocateur, sure I wouldn’t ( well, don’t ) really afford on the stuff they sell, but I’m one of those who go mad when they see something gorgeous like these.
Body 140€
There is definitely something from the 40s, don’t you think? And I’m not talking about the hair and make-up now.
Bra 120€
Waspie 120€
Brief 60€
Thong 50€
Original Contrast Seam & Heel 24€

Sweet !
Though I wouldn’t wear those myself.
Bra 140€
Waspie 155€
Brief 120€
Original Silk Stocking 48€

How much of modeling has she done forehead?
And look at that body.
Or photoshop and the body, who knows …

Bra 145€
Suspender 180€
Thong 90€
Original silk stocking 48€

I wonder if there is gonna be a commercial ft. her ?

Demi bra 120€
Brief 64€
Suspender 80€

So not from today.
But still so for today.

Diablo hold ups 24€
Bra 120€
Thong 48€
Kimono 560€

In here she reminds me so much from the movie Mona Lisa smilewhere she played Giselle, overly (?) sexual girl hows hobby was to sleep with married middleaged men.
Waspie 265€
Brief 64€
Bra 120€
Hold ups 29€

This pose would be aweful in many other online shops.

Juliet xxx


13 thoughts on “Maggie Gyllenhaal for Agent Provocateur

  1. I don’t know if Maggie’s really the Agent Provocateur type. But some of that underwear looks gorgeous (if uncomfortable).

  2. hi there! I like the second one with the stripes… I just love stripes! But if i wore it i wouldnt look quarter as hot haha! I like the quite on ur header too! How true!

  3. I think she’s quite a strange choice, and I wouldn’t have thought she would do it even if she was offeredI think they are nice shots though

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