Collection, fall/winter 07/08, fashion week

Old look of the weeks 40-43

Look of the week 40Jill Stuart FW 07/08
The shades are dark, mostly black. The electric blue coucht my eye. The fit of the clothes is alluring. Or at least it is for me. And the cloves !
I like how the prints are simple. There isn’t any useless fuzzily details in these.Look of the week 41
Peter Som FW 07/08
Something softer this time. The shade of grey is adorable. I’m so in love with grey, have been for last few years and it doesn’t seem to be calming down.
Again the cutting is fitted and simple. Very elegant and nothing pointless. Look at those shoes !

Look of the week 42
Naum FW 07/08
I like the clothes and the details. But the outfits have gone all wrong and do nothing ( than awefull flash of the 80s ) for me.
In here it really shows that black too has a more than one shade.
The hair is bad. Really bad.

Look of the week 43
Lela Rose FW 07/08
Sweet. Isn’t it?
The silveric shirt is to die for and the shapes of the clothes are adorable. as well as the colours are. Why wouldn’t I love these?

Juliet xxx

sorry for the quick post. I’m in hurry to go to shopping. My friends ( I love them ! ) gave me a 50€ to spend at the Marimekko.
They might know me too well :D.

//Edit : sorry, I had some problems with the pics. All should be well now.

/// Didn’t find anything , they didn’t have my size….


6 thoughts on “Old look of the weeks 40-43

  1. Hey was thinking of replying ur comment at my blog over here. I really wished u got into LCF too. Yeah we had a tough time saving up to be able to study overseas… It’s really expensive. I felt so grateful to be able to go. Unfortunately they onli offer scholarhships for MA degrees. But hey u can always study fashion local first and then transfer for an MA degree rite? =) Don’t give up yet!

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