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Grief on our hearts.

No t-shirts for me. Pity.

I know, t-shirts aren’t the first thing to think of when there is words collection and Cavalli in the sentence. But when the collection is for H&M I think there should be clear connection.
But there isn’t.
Sure I did know that Cavalli will do what he does best. Clothing for evenings.
Not really for day-light.
Pity. I mean it. I would have wanted to see him challenging himself and to do something new to him. Sure he has daytime clothing too, I know, but cause somehow I can see him doing it so well I can’t stop thinking of this.

I have made my decision and not to skip school for him, I’ll rather stay up and order online. The nearest store I could find these would be 200 km away. And even there it wouldn’t be sure if I would get anything. So I guess this will be the easiest way.

After looking into the collection it is easy to see what pieces will go fast. For first are the most glamorous evening gowns and cheapest accessories. From the men’s line it’s easier to see what ( Finnish guys ) will try to get ( not so see through, but still a bit more stylish and glam that we’re used to here in Finland ).

I’m a bit afraid that the lingerie, corset tops and the gorgeous cardigan will get sold out before I’m there to get those. *sad sad thing*.

I really like these ads that they created for the line. At the same time they show and hide the fact that the lines only purpose is evenings. Glamorous ones. I wouldn’t take any of those with me to camping though that is one of the main meanings for the word ‘party’ for me and my friends. The picture above is one of the most charming. The ‘gap’ between the old lady ant the young girl is clearly there but at the same time they seem close and happy. Though neither one of my grandmas would wear anything like that.
‘Too modern’, ‘Too edgy’ , ‘Too masculine’ .

And here again. The picture could be from anywhere. Anywhere from the world . Any time, Internet, photo album. anything.
Picture is clear. Young couple having a night out. On the most popular pose for the moment.
The clothes in here aren’t that special. Girls clothes could be found from anywhere. Nothing special in there. And the guy’s … well, that cardigan is odd. Really odd.
It won’t sell well. I could bet for that.

Interesting, They are inside the car and we are outside. I like the angle. Somehow the dresses in the collection didn’t convince me. Sure the prints yell Cavalli. But the shape is the same that we saw over and over again during the summer. Actually I have one dress with the same fitting. Revealing. Yes.
Naughty girl and her body guards. A few too many drinks and can’t walk on her own anymore. The same dress, but I just had to gt the pic here. To me it shows so well the true skin of itself.

Horrible, the tights. Excuse me, but what the hell was he thinking? leopard tights? nooo way !
The corset top is one of my favs. Have to say.

Everybody who has seen this dress has to be in love with it. If you ask from me this is the first one that will find it’s way on customers hands or the shopping bag of quick online shoppers.
Sure the may be just 1 girl out of 200 who can actually wear that and almost not look like a slut nor fat, stupid or something that I can not think of this time of the day.

But we all lust for the dress. Don’t we? 

Now here is something that I think that (Finnish) guys will try to catch. It looks good. The shirt is glam and still down to earth ( or at least when you compare it with the rest of the collection.)

If these will sell well… well. Then I clearly have no idea on men’s clothining and style. But to me they don’t look that good.
Sorry to say Cavalli.
one of the sights that comes to our mind when thinking of the collection. One of the ‘it’’ -products. In my eyes.

I know that Cavalli is ‘sexy’. But this belt reminds me so much from the ones that teenage girls wear when they go to date or out , to movies , to school … to anywhere.
I didn’t expect this from high fashion designer.

In here are the most of the women’s line pieces that I think will go quickly.
Let’s see what happens.

I’m in love with this cardigan ! It looks so great ! The fitting, shape and colour ( well, it’s black ! ) are suitable for every occasion i can think of. I’ll go great with jeans, trousers, dresses, shorts, miniskirts and on Sunday mornings t-shirt and briefs.

The fashionable items. Puffy. Knits. W
white and black. Looks fun and easily hides the fact that wearing this and looking good at the same time will be extremely hard. Not for every body and not for every style.

Juliet xxx 


5 thoughts on “Grief on our hearts.

  1. -S says:

    i’m completely lusting after the just cavalli line. but i’m doubtful i’ll get anything as i’m sure that it will sell out extremely quickly.

  2. I’m not so sure how I feel about the Cavalli collcectionI can’t decide whether or not I like itI have to say he isn’t one of my favouirte designers

  3. I got everything I wanted and even got some extra. I need to trade some items. If anyone has the tuxedo pants in white in size 8 contact me at Also the Military jacket in size 8 trade I have a 6 and it’s too small. Thanks

  4. Great post! I’m not a big fan of Cavalli, and I’ve never really liked his designs that much.The animal printed dresses just look cheap to me – and the leopard tights are horrible. There weren’t many things I liked, but the deep v-neck cardigan is adorable!

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