The difficulty of eating

As a child of school’s health education me and my whole generation knows what is anorexia nervosa. As a person who enjoys of the world of fashion I know what is anorexia nervosa. As a girl -a young woman, I know what is anorexia nervosa. As a friend and.. and.. and..
I could continue the list till the end of times but I won’t.

One of the most saddest things is the sickness that changes the way we think and slowly kills our mind -and body. Unfortunately eating disorders have become more and more common and too many of us has a friend that has had something at least close to this.

I don’t think that with few extra rules we could remove the in the world of fashion there has been done changes to make a difference with this. Still I don’tsickness completely. As long as we keep on adorning thinness there will be ones who loose the control.

And as we can’t stop adorning thinness ( it has been adorned at least from the 16th century ) and can’t kill the disease with extra rules the only answer I come up with is to be there for the ones who suffer from it.

Sure the whole disorder can’t be fixed with few hugs and one happy afternoon. But when that is done regularly ( and often ) with full focus on it, it should. Or could.

It is stupid to say that it fix the whole thing -of course it wouldn’t- ,but I’m saying this to make it clear that I think that we should start caring of each other. In the world of fashion I myself can’t really help.
But among my friends I hope I can.

Juliet xxx

Let’s have a great Christmas and eat well.


One thought on “The difficulty of eating

  1. it’s sad that society has caused these things to happen to people we feel so much pressure to be perfect and you have to have strong metal will to be able to escape and be your own person.all is eaiser said then done…sad…

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