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Couture steals my heart.

Look of the week 52
Chanel Couture FW0708

Chanel’s Couture show was a disappointment but It did had nice pieces in it. It’s nice part appealed to me with the simple details. Silhouette were kept clean and inside the borders had a lot silvery happening. Pink, silver, white and black are -well, not at the first thought- classic Chanel colours. Used with very unchanel way.
I just keep wishing Karl does better the next time around.

Look of the week 51
Givenchy Couture FW0708

My favorite. The way it is Greek-goddess-y is great and the fact that the effect is made by heavier fabrics makes it to the completely different direction. I like how every detail has really been put time on and how the legs are getting all the attention -it’s quite rare at fall/winter after all.

Look of the week 50

Elie Saab Couture FW0708
Elie does is glam all the way, as usual. Glitters and sparks haven’t been saved for time to come. It is all put out there. Elie Saab was one of my first loves and one of the few designers I have liked through all my fashionloving life.
He might over do everything else , but when he does evening gowns he does what he is ment to do. Just look at the wedding gown, you don’t need to like it, just to admit that he knows what he does.
Life is beautiful !

Look of the week 49

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture FW0708
Well here there are something we didn’t see on other designers. Surprisingly it was Jean Paul Gaultier. As always it has a bit more rock n’ roll than others and there isn’t just a hint of sex. There’s a plenty of it. All over the show.
The most oddest thing was the Indian styled man at the end of the show. Like other designers have wedding gown Gaultier had … what?
Juliet xxx

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7 thoughts on “Couture steals my heart.

  1. I am in love with Saab Haute Couture at the moment. His dresses are just amazing, nice, femenine, the colours are gorgeous, and the materials, everything is perfect!

  2. I love Chanel and Givenchy, the new collections were perfect.I did find the ‘maharaja’ styling at the end of Gaultier’s show a bit odd, too- what’s up with that?

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