Finnish Fashion, spring/summer 2008, Wedding

Tiia Vanhatapio’s wedding collection

As I think that I have said before Tiia Vanhatapio is my favorite Finnish designer. She designesclothes that people like Dita von Teese could (and have) wear. Something absolut feminine andbeautiful. And She designed this collection cause of the public demand. It was made for everyheadstrong bride, dresses suitable from coctail receptions to grand nuptials. And if you ask me, which you don’t the dresses are amazingly sweet and beautifull.All the dresses will be made to order, option to choose from black and off-white versions.


I have just started as a dishwasher and cleaner in local restaurant. It’s harder work that you would think and I’m terribly tired. Sorry for this short post. They will be longer when I don’t have to do them after work.

I am longing for the summer.

U = my loves.

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2 thoughts on “Tiia Vanhatapio’s wedding collection

  1. OMG. I can imagine how hard that job is. I used to work at a restaurant scooping ice cream and the dish washer would get angry if we sent dishes back, but I can imagine, having to wash 320842384234 dishes a day… HARDWORK!

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