allergic to beauty?

More than three of these and you might be.

-Some perfumes and jewellery that has nickel in it give me rash.
-Mosquito’s bite stays red on my skin for a long time.
-Rough textiles feel uncomfortable on my skin and may give me rash.
-When the sun starts to shine I get itchy rash on my neck, face and decolte.
-My eyelid gets sometimes red/ swollen/ flaky.
-Cleanesers that include mineraloils or preservatives get my skin sensitive.


I’ve been working all weekend, That’s why I haven’t had time to visit you guys.


8 thoughts on “allergic to beauty?

  1. poor you! i’m allergic to mosquito bites, but fortunately i don’t have OVER-sensitive skin. though my face has red spots on it sometimes, but that’s been so all my life and normal face care products don’t harm me or anything.

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