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Heatherette S/S 08

Designed by Richie Rich and Traver Rains, Heatherette is a finger-on-the-pulse custom ready-to-wear clothing line. Featured in the Building a Popstar article issue of W magazine (January 2002), Jessica Kerwin writes “Richie Rich, a former Ice Capades skater and club kid, and Traver Rains, a real-live rodeo rider, have turned their ability to answer calls into the campy, fashion line, Heatherette.”
Both Richie and Traver used their surroundings as a benefit and started to create clothes for their selfs for performances. Traver attended collage in Texas and received a degree in Econimics and International Business and moved to NY. The line beagn in December 1999 when Richie showed up at a party in one of his own leather tops. Sushi, the buyer at the Patricia Field store ordered twenty of them on the spot. Since that there has been great treadmill for their benefit. After seeing the line at Patricia Field store hip-hop star Foxy Brown asked them to design her outfits for the MTV Video Music Awards. The word started to spread and soon Lil’ Kim bought five leather shirts for her tour and Gwen Stefani was featured wearing one of their tops in Entertainment Weekly.
Thanks to people like Patti Wilson , stylist and Fashion Director of ID Magazine, and worldrenowned photographer David LaChapelle, Heatherette has made a splash in the fashion industry. With their help, Heatherette has received credits in such magazines as Vanity Fair, W, ID, and Jane among others. for example people like John Galliano and Sarah Jessica Parker are fans of the label.
In September 2001, the duo debuted their Spring/Summer 2002 “Look at Me” Collection.

When I saw the collection for the very first time it stole my heart. Gorgeous dark skinned models started the runway show wearing barely there albino-white lace dresses who were followed by rag doll -haired girls wearing clothes that highly reminded me from patchwork. And the history behind the label is random and comical, don’t you think?


I’m still sorry for my limited commenting.
My own laptop is with my brother at the hospital and with it so are all my bookmarks.


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