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Versace resort 08

Gianni Versace was born in Reggio Calabria on December 2, 1946. He was firts introduced to the world of fashion by his dressmaker mother, who teached him the tailoring skills and h designed his first dress at the age of nine. He studied architecture three years in Calabria. He moved to Milan in the age of 25 and worked as a freelance designer for Genny, Complice and Callaghan.
Versace was formed in 1978 and Gianni launched his first own womenswear and menswear collections in March 1978. As a dedicated fan of the arts Versace’s work was by no means limited to the catwalk. He designed costumes fo the theatre, ballet and opera throughout his creative life and did too furnitures and children’s clothning.
Versace did cooperate with Richard Avedon, an American photographer who is one of the great photographers in fashion history, who would shoot all the Versace catalogs and with whom Gianni did co-author several books until his death in 1997.
Gianni won a lot honoured awards during his career.
  • Occhio d’Oro Award, Milan 1982, 1984, 1990, 1991
  • Cutty Sark Award 1983, 1988
  • Council of Fashion Designers of America International Award 1993
On the morning of July 15, 1997, returning from his customary walk on Ocean Drive, Versace was shot to death, at the age of 50, on the front steps of his ocean-front mansion in Miami Beach, Florida. He was murdered by spree killer Andrew Cunanan, who committed suicide shortly after the murder. His tragic death caught the world by surprise too. The whole world mourned the death of a great talent, the Last Emperor of Fashion. Despite much talk of selling up just prior to Gianni’s death, Versace has remained a family-run label. Donatella, Gianni’s sister, who succeeded him in 1997, began her own fashion career designing accessories and in 1993 became creative director of the childrens’ line. She also assisted Gianni in supervising the advertising campaigns, but it was her role as muse for which she was most famous. Having taken over as creative director after her brother’s death, she has brought the house into the new millennium to continued critical acclaim. Santo (Donatella and Gianni’s elder brother) has been in charge of the financial operations of the house since 1977, and is now its chairman.
In his will, Gianni Versace left 50 percent of his fashion empire to Allegra Versace his niece, Donatella Versace’s daughter. Allegra inherited approximately half a billion dollars (50% of the company) from the Versace fashion empire when she turned 18 in 2004. She has the last say of the sale and other important details in the Versace clothing line.
Though I don’t really like Donatella at all and though I think partly that her designs are, well, not my style at all, this resort caught my eye. It’s quite simple and neutral comparing to the normal Donatella style. The jacket particulary is gorgeous I think as are the outfitts that are worn by Suvi Koponen and shown here (both in the middle). The white is enchating and somehow makes me forget how I usually feel about the collections.

4 thoughts on “Versace resort 08

  1. I’m loving Versace at the momentThough as I label I love it anyway, it has a great history for a more modern label!

  2. oh, that donatella hair!i don’t think i shall ever grow tired of it!and in response to your last comment; sadly, not only you who had problems clicking on the 2nd picture, i tried to fix it, but no should enter the competition anyway though, it’s kind of fun imagining the looks wintour will kill and which fashion low-lifes will somehow get invites!

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