resort 2008, runway, spring/summer 2008

Resetting my hold, getting rid of the old and ready stuff.

Lanvin resort 08
Lanvin was founded in Paris 1890 by Jeanne Lanvin as a custom children’s clothes shop. It started offering women’s clothing only after two decades in 1909 and 17 years from that the line was expanded to men’s wear and fragrances. Jeanne Lanvin has been best known for the youthfulness in her designs, she didn’t sketch or drape, she just gave instructions to sketchers. Her ‘split coat for bicycling is remembered well as it was introduced after WW II.Since she died, her family have continued the business. Unfortunately the house was more of a sleeping beauty until the early ’80s.
After L’Oreal acquired its initial interest in Lanvin in 1990, the house has gone through four designers without ever finding a clear focus. In October 2001 Lanvin announced Alber Elbaz as their new creative director. Elbaz, who is an Israeli-American who first started his career assisting Geoffrey Beene and beween that and Lanvin has worked for Guy Laroche, YSL and Krizia Top.Elbaz marks a major new chapter in the long life of Lanvin. And he has made Lanvin to the shine it is in today.
This collection is oblivious in the nicest way possible. At the same time it shows off this soothing and comforting look of it’s it is challenging all the stylist and etc. to make it something its not. Though the collection does not really include any basics in my eyes at least it could be great base for something head-turning. Does it make the trick for you?
Alessandro Dell’Acqua s/s 08

At the first time when I saw the collection (specially the beginning) I thought that thia was all again one of the ‘designers one’s’. The kind of collection that is made out to show the talent.But the deeper I made my way to the end I noticed that I was compleatly in love with it. From head to toes.
Im not all that good in showing skin, it makes me feel glass. And ugly. And though I don’t mainly judge collections on the base would I or wouldn’t I wear it , it still has something to say to the outcome. But this S/S 08 collection was peculiar. Thouhg I could never, never in this worl imagine to wear something like that I am still very excited about the collection.
The way Dell’Acqua has made it both transparent and colourfull is art. I mean, yeah, it is light from it’s colours, but you’re not thinking about white when you see it. It’s more like clouds. (Think now, clouds aren’t really just white, the reflect everything below them).
There is also kimono, kind of a influence, and at the same time , for your suprise, you can see the 50s, 60s, Rococo and childrens clothe
s. If you don’t see it. Ask. I’ll do anything to convince you.


May not be fashion. But Doesn’t James Franco look a lot like James Dean?


I still do not have my own laptop back, so posting is quite difficult without my own computer. I’m doing my best to have control from the situation.


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