Collection, Model, spring/summer 2008

Last weeks loves


Ida Agrahn
Where: Sweden
Height: 177 cm
Bust: 80 cm
Waist: 58 cm
Hips: 88 cm
Agencies: Supreme New York, Women Milan and Mikas Stockholm

Karl Lagerfeld SS08 r-t-w 

I found Karl Lagerfeld SS08 surprisingly colourful, by the prop. When comparing this to the sweet and virgin-ish background of Chanel’s runway shows it hits you until the back of your head. The clothes themselves are the more well known Karl -style. Black and white is no more nor less that you could expect from him. With mannish details the outfits appear very strong and independent. They don’t really need that much work in meaning how to carry them. The clothes do the work themselves. I am in deep love with the top line.


18 thoughts on “Last weeks loves

  1. to me, black and white (and grey!)are definitely the colors du jour! So minimalist but yet, they could be so expressive!!

  2. i like the top and bottom left and the bottom right from karl lagerfeld the most. and ida is a gorgeous model. please link me if possible. thanks!

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