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Ready for A drama.

Picture of look of the week, Jean Paul Gaultier HC S 08
I know that Haute Couture Fall 2008 isn’t That new thing, it’s been over 10 days since they were shown, and as we all know in blogging world that’s an eon. But forgive me this time; last week I got a student place, not at any of the schools I originally wanted to go, but it’s OK. I guess. And I also got place to live now and we moved here yesterday. So I have had my hands full. But here it comes, my feedback for the Fall 2008 Haute Couture :
This was probably one of my top three, usually Anne Valérie Hash has been a label that I have just wondered why it is called HC, as it is way more casual that Elie Saab -for an example. But now I have to say that finally i can see it too. There’s no much of glitter in it, it is quite subtle, urban and modern. But as I now have started to see the greatness of clean lines and not so small beers all over my dress -kind of Couture I see the whole label in new aspect. 

I know that it is a crime what I am going to say, but thought I understand the brilliance of Girogio Armani, I am not a fan of his Haute Couture -collections. Fashion legend, I know. Talented and one-of-a-kind, see that even clearer. But to me his HC-collections are too adult and Hollywood at the same time. The fairytaleness in them captures my eye, of curse. And it was not hard to find those six outfits for that collage. Armani Privé just still doesn’t hit my top three. 

Chanel suprised me, it got to my top three. Though it was not that much cause of it as much as it was Elie Saab and Christian Lacroix failing me.
In this collection they had used the usual theme in a bit different way. Instead of placing all the cash on the Chanel suit -kind of extremes they made the models wear wigs and added some strange squares and ovals on the heads of the models. The expirement there hes been with the proportions is amusing and interesting. 

Galliano is a strange man. He does what he wantsand doesn’t worship any Gods that we could be aware of. The famous Dior New look seemed to be present. Waists were highlighted the hemlines were huge and there were some experiments but most of them focused on the neckline.
All that tulle and other fine fabrics were placed in the way that they reminded from the old and HEAVY evening dresses. We most thank God and the scientist that the dresses we have to wear to prom etc. Don’t weight 40 kg ( about 107 Ibs (if I counted right)). 

Is anyone else living alone?
I miss HOME.


8 thoughts on “Ready for A drama.

  1. Love, love, love Galliano (always)! And that 20s runway is amazing.I don’t know what “home” is since my parents keep moving and I’ve never seen this new house of theirs, but I am definitely tired of the fake-feeling dorm room and dull cafeteria food.

  2. I always dream about getting a hold of all these designer couture stuff in real life. What dream! About the shoes (Steve Madden) they are pretty comfortable but the sole is sort of slippery (slightly).

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