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What am I?

NY Fashion week has just begun. But I’m here to talk about something quite opposite. I told you I had moved to a new place and that I had started my studies in some new school and that it had something to do with fashion. Let’s go the long way.
Last spring i was studing like a mad man. My goal was to get into a university to study history. Though I did apply to four schools : University of Turku and University of Tampere and in addition to University of Art and Design Helsinki and Institute of Design both last ones to study fashion design. I didn’t get into any of those, surprise. And I was crushed. It’s not like even half of fresh baccalaureate would get into any school they apply to, but I really did study and couldn’t imagine what could I do with my year off.
So when August came I got panic. Having year off from studing was the last thing I wanted and then I went through hundreads of choises that I could still acchieve. Those first days of August all I did was applying to different kind of schools.
7th day I got an email that told me that I got in. Not at all to a school I wanted or was interested in, it was bussiness in commercial collage to tell it short, but as I didn’t want to live home and do nothing I took it. about week after I had started my studies in there I got a call. From Central Ostrobothnia University of Applied Sciences. They wanted to interview me if I could be someone they could give student place for. The interview went well, though I never actually thought that I would get in. The degree that was in mind was fur and leather fashion design. The thing why I thought I never could get in was that they never take more than just few students, 7 is absolut maximum. But they took me in.

I know that few seconds before I have gotten a lot hate on me, Fur and leather, I know. I thought about it. I have never thought that I would wear a fur coat or anything like that, but not taking the place because of ‘moral’ reasons would have been hypocritical from me, as I :

1. Eat red meat and like it

2. Rather take shoes, bags and wallet in real leather instead of fake

3. Have grown up on a farm where we have made our living from selling pigs to abattoir.
(And gotten my pocket money from it)

So I took the place, ended up short my courier in bussiness and moved to Pietarsaari, where the unit of the school is where my degree is.
If I stick with this until the end I’ll be hot and wanted. My school happens to be the only one in the whole earth where they teach fashion design using fur and leather as the main material. I’ll be able to start my own atelier, work as a purchasing agent, project leader in primary production, fashion designer or as a sewer.

Now, blame me, hate me or what ever you feel. Speak up. Is this wrong?




6 thoughts on “What am I?

  1. That school sounds fascinating. I think you’re perfectly right. PETA exists because of our modern fur practices and positions–I mean the fur farms and etc. But taking a historic perspective on life, it doesn’t make sense to me at all. People starting killing animals to feed and clothe themselves and really how much have we changed? I don’t see PETA attacking the Inuits!

  2. no you’re not wrong in the least! From the beginning of time, man has been using animal furs for warmth rather than fashion and eating their meat for strength…If we had those PETA obsessives way back then, the human race would have expired a long time ago… plus, I may be biased but i love leather so you can’t be wrong!

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