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Home sickness. Cuatro.

Samu-Jussi Koski for children fall 08 

Mika Piirainen for children Fall 08 


Alongside its distinctive clothing for women, men and children, Marimekko offers a range of furnishing ideas that has expanded from the original printed cotton fabrics into tablewear, ornaments, towelling and office equipment. Marimekko is a world of colour combinations and blod, often highly simplified, graphical forms. It is a communicator of the Finnish way of thinking and living that has had a profound influence on the international image of Finnish design.

The famous striped T-shirt and shoulder bag.

The power behind Marimekko’s design concept lies in a freedom of creativity that approaches adult life with the joyful vitality of the child’s dream world, a extremely conscious of it’s obligations to ensure that the company operates on sound business principles while fulfilling it’s essential role of bringing joy to it’s customers’ everyday lives. The company’s products, many of which have arisen from very powerful visions, have matured over time to become classics. The famous striped T-shirts, for instance, date back to 1968, when Annika Rimala set out to design a cotton shirt that could be worn with jeans. The shoulder bag by Ristomatti Ratia is another Marimekko classic.

At the moment Samu-Jussi Koski, Mika Piirainen and Ritva Falla all have their own and distinctive women’s clothing collection for this Fall. Along side with the decades old classics that still are favorites to many. To say it short I could describe Marimekko as the Chanel of Finland and the shoulder bag i mentioned above could then be spoken of as the 2.55 of Finland. Marimekko is an old company and is the basics of Finnish fashion, though it is at the same time one great chance for a young designer get a start. Samu-Jussi Koski and Mika Piirainen are both young and very talented designers that give the usual habitué of the label fresher and younger edge.
Just lately we did see Marimekkos patterns at the global clothing chain H&M, where they were first edited to enlarge and diminish the patterns that they would fit right to the clothes were they were ment to be used. And then all famous H&M did clothes from old and almost traditional patterns from its neighbour country. The clothes them selfs were either hated or loved with passion. Just like Marimekko’s creations always. Marimekko was also seen in the most valued high fashion shoe brands, Manolo Blahnik , collection last spring. The collection took influences as diverse as the architecture of Constantinople and Finnish Marimekko patterns.

“The two just happened to fall perfectly into place – bizarre as that combination may sound,” says Blahnik.

Samu-Jussi Koski Fall 08
Mika Piirainen Fall 08
Ritva Falla Fall 08


I’d love to have these!


3 thoughts on “Home sickness. Cuatro.

  1. haha same here ;) :Dit makes me think also about how much I’d enjoy working in fashion for children, as a photographer or as a stylist… I collect all the children supplement that pops up in september :)xxx

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