fashion week, ready to wear, runway, spring/summer 2009

What Milan has given us

Alessandro Dell’Acqua
I love this how Alessandro Dell’Acqua has went hippy. All the indian fridges and beautifully cascading fabrics with shoes made from suede looks so wonderfully natural and easy. With this you don’t need to look like you have a degree in makeup. You just need to wake up, unwrap your braid and put your shoes on. The look actually doesn’t look uncomfortable. it looks like you could get a nap in the train and with a bit of lipbalm still look fresh ( with nap I’m not meaning 2-8 hour sleep, just the neseccary 10 minutes you have until you arrive at your station).
The belts and long hemlines are my favs from here.
Dsquared2Edgy, fresh and very, very sexy. That’s what this show was all about. Or what do you think of Chanel Iman posing at the end of the runway? Hot, huh?
I wouldn’t have thought Dsquared2 would do anything this baggy, though I am happy to see some development from last season.

FendiThat hair is hot as hell! I am so in loove. Though I might not try to copy this look for school I still need to value Fendi for doing something this unusual. As usually they do the very “high chic” -look. 

VersaceAfter Coco said that she has high expectation for Versace I suddenly noticed that I was waiting for it too. Though I am not fan of it.
I guess I have started to think of Coco as a god. Crazy I know.
But the expectations that Coco’s post had put on my head weren’t full filled. The blue dress was great so as all the sculpture-ish-ness. Thoug I pitty the one who has had to do the model.
Though there is no Giovanni on th ehead of the company anymore, I was waiting for more.
(Coco, don’t be affraid. I guess the dye went deeper that just my hair. My brain could be permanently damaged.)

Luisa Beccaria
I am so in loe with this collection. I couldn’t describe it with anyother words. I know that I have usen this look so over that there no words left. But I just can’t wait to next summer and chiffon. All the flowers and flats. And shawl. Old hats and suede bags.Oh why are the fashion weeks just when you should be starting to get along with the season that is about to start?

La Perla

It is so hard to try to see the materials from a picture, where the whole garment is black. But though I have no bigger proofs for this I am in the believe that La Perla used many different kind of materials and fabrics. The lace that looks like it has seen more than one century is so darling, and the top with “all that glitter” is something I’ll propably try to copy and find all over where I’ll happen to go.And again. I adore that hemline.

IcebergIt actually doesn’t show off as a summer collection, and spring even less. But that’s what the designer says so what my opinion matters?
zero, zip, nothing.
But those shoes are adorable, and I love it how everything looks like it could be worn all over the place. Isn’t that how clothes that you picked up from the floor look like? the ones that you wear to go to late breakfast with a friend and end up going to a club with and still look like the hottest, chic-est and natural girl in the crowd.


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