8 thoughts on “And all the jedies will die.

  1. nope.. I didn’t skip it to go shopping.. I was at the clothing department from 11 to 16.30 finishing my work.. well now it’s done. I emailed the teacher if I could do an essay or something, I do feel bad. I went shopping around 17.00 ;D

  2. When the fashion weeks are over I’m going to drown myself in work until next year ;D I have to check these ones out carefully, but looks good in general..

  3. she was there too, but working with other stuff.I'm glad I got the work done, I don't know how much time do I have to spend in picking cranberries cause I have million other things too at home.. I sketched my first own skirt, that I'm GOING TO make.. :)<3

  4. i guess im always impresed the most with sonia rykiel show. always happy faces, happy girls… keiser karl is classy as always, never disapoints and i love the idea what he did with the bags. for ah my fav show was givenchy.

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