fashion week, ready to wear, runway, spring/summer 2009

Kill me now, here I am.

HUOMIO:Ihanainen KATWALK Pitää 100. Postauksensa Kunniaksi Kilpailun Jossa Voi Voittaa Ihanan Palkinnon, kaikki sinne!


Lauren Conrad
Debra Davenport
Christian Audigier presents American lord
I’ll save what i have to say for later.
You’ll hear me.


10 thoughts on “Kill me now, here I am.

  1. I just thought about that… it would be great but to some maybe overwhelming.. might get more boost..u know ;D i was planning a lil blog meeting, that we/ i could a story to blogs ? pics and stuff.. do it our way and take more examples from sweden than finlääänd..i might change to blogger, i can’t do categories at all and it makes my pics bulls****y..

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