About the model situation

Last week I posted about the L.A. fashion week and showed up my disappointment in it. I said that the models and the designs were lazy and bad. Where as you agreed with me about the collections some of you almost attacked me from saying such a thing from the models. So why did I?
No, my body and looks aren’t even close to a model, I am 161 cm tall and weight is somewhere between 50 and 60 kg. So no, I could not do their job any better.
But I do think that I have right to say what I think. It is my blog and as far as i know Internet is free land. The girls that were in the collages I had done for the post were not examples of ugly models, when I do those collages the clothing, outfits and collection is way more important than the model. I blog of fashion mainly, not models.
I live in Finland, small town at the coast where you can find just 20 000 inhabitants and I surely did not have the chance to go to any of the fashion weeks. Believe me, If I would have I’d told you already a hundred times in the largest font available. So I am watching the fashion weeks just through the internet. The seats aren’t the best ones as I know photographs change the colours, shadows and lightning. And I entirely miss the vibes.
By saying that:

Seriously, did all the fit ( = not too “fat” or anorechtic) and beautiful models die?

I didn’t mean that there were no beautiful models, of course there were, more than a half. But I’m still a teen and believe strongly that I have right to be black and white when I get mad. I don’t yet have to be civilized and responsible, least in the internet, where lot’s of perverts chase the young and innocent.
And by saying fat I didn’ t mean the meaning of the word in this world. I meant in fashion. I don’t like too skinny models, they are scary. To me a “fit” model looks like she works out, and as I hope we all know the difference between working out and not eating , though the both make one smaller, they do not have the same effects. Healthy is the word I like.
And when one is a model being beautiful doesn’t mean just pretty and nice, one has to be more than that. A blank canvas, ability to change look, adapt to the way designer wishes and make the outfit come alive.

I hope I made myself clear. I’m not a fan of anorexia and don’t think all the models are terrible.

Here a some of my favorite models that were new to my eye from ss 09 seasons fashion weeks.


Anna Selezneva
Nationality: Russian
Birthday: July 29, 1990
Born in: Moscow, Russia
Lives now: Paris, France
Agencies: Silent
Known for: Her eyes and cheekbones
Status: Cover girl, rising star

Sara Blomqvist
Nationality: Swedish
Birthday: April 9, 1989
Born in: Sweden
Agencies: DNA, Viva
Known for: Her stare
Status: Rising star

Kelli Lumi
Nationality: Estonian
Birthday: 1987
Born in: Estonia
Agencies: Major Management
Known for: Her pout
Status: Newcomer

Jourdan Dunn
Nationality: British
Birthday: August 3, 1990
Born in: London, England
Lives now: New York, NY
Agencies: Nathalie, Storm, Women
Known for: Her legs
Status: Cover girl, good girl, rising star


If you still think I am terrible, tell me.


6 thoughts on “About the model situation

  1. Anna Selezneva is so gorgeous! I can’t believe she’s barely a year older than me! And I’ve promised a Chanel 2.55 for myself too. Someday (:

  2. Well LA is entirely a different market than NYC/Paris, model wise too so I think it’s bit unfair to compare them with eachother..

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