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Hanna Sarén

Hanna Sarénis the Finnish husband-and wife team of Hanna Sarén and Jussi Tiilikka, who began the business in Japan 2000, with a collection of clogs and handbags. In 2001 this was quickly followed by their first clothing collection. And that is also when she won the Fredrika Wetterhoff 2001 Award 2001. And amazing shoes by that name have been available since 2004. Sarén graduated as a shoe and a handbag designer from Häme Polytechnic in 1995. And in the years between her gratuation and the label (1995-1999) she worked as a freelance shoe and handbag design for various companies.

Hanna Sarén Fall and Winter -08 collection pieces for women.

Though quite few non-Finnish know about Hanna Sarén she must be one of the top three most famous Finnish designers/labels along IVANAhelsinki and Marimekko. With expanding brand recognition, Hanna Sarén products began to appear on both sides of the Atlantic, including an episode of Sex and the City where Carrie herself . And in 2006, Hanna Sarén opened it’s flagship store in Helsinki, where visitors could finally satisfy all their Hanna Sarén needs under one roof. I’ve been there and I must say that it must be one of the coolest looking boutiques ever. It doesn’t have the Dior or Chanel feeling, but it is not ment to have one. It is cool in a way chain never could. See for yourself in the pictures below. And for those unable to make it to Helsinki, Hanna Sarén products continued to make regular appearances at trade shows in Paris, Milan, New York, Berlin and Copenhagen, as well as at exclusive exhibitions in Finland and Japan.

The flagship store

Today, Hanna Sarén offers a complete clothing collection for both women and men, as well as assorted bags, shoes and accessories. In the coming year, Hanna will launch a children’s clothing line, as well as exciting new collaborations with Seppälä and Ril’s, two of the biggest names in Finnish fashion. Hanna Sarén makes custom-crafted apparel, based on a unique blend of whimsical imagination, glamorous sophistication, and contemporary elegance. Emphasizing premium-quality materials and production techniques, Hanna Sarén has established a global reputation for delivering consistently exciting and innovative products.

Pieces from the Seppälä by Hanna Sarén collection.Juliet

I got one piece from the Seppälä collection it wasn’t as cheap as Seppälä usually is, but it still wasn’t as expensive as Hanna Sarén’s actual collections are.

I like it!


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  1. I love!A cupcake is what its name says. A cake the size of a cup! It has icing. A muffin is more on the bread side of the wheat wheel while cupcakes are on the pastry side. Also, muffins are ugly cupcakes.

  2. I have grown a bit love towards Hanna Sarén.. I mean big bows, feminine lines, heels…And I’m fed and in love =)ps. I found a pretty cute layout and i think my page is starting to look respectful xDD

  3. I love the balance of volume in this collection. Also, how great would it be to be married and design with your husband? Or maybe I could design and he could just fund the project…

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