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Around our toes I hope.

Winter is coming with a speed. And no longer do we have the chance to wear what ever we would desire. All the rain, cold and mud is on our way. And soon snow will come to join the party (for some of us). I made a collage of ancle boots and boots that describe quite well what different things are going on this fall and winter.

At the moment i have just 2 pairs of winter shoes, which is a miracle when you consider the fact that I live in a country where winter lasts more than 5 months having the temperature on are below freezing -with snow usually. So I truly need to do some serious shopping. But as I like to put the money in quality in shoes -especially when it comes to winter shoes, as anything less than good pair of leather shoes does not survive longer than a one winter -at the most. But I am gonna do my all to give some new steam on my shoe wardrobe. And these two kind of shoes are on my list – at least one pair of each. Oh well, a girl can dream.

Ancle boots
I don’t have any. And that is something I am so mad at myself. A girl should have one. Especially on this season (Even few last ones!).
Alberta Ferretti has quite cold ones, I’m not even sure if I can call them ancle anything. I guess not – but the colours made me so happy I had to put the pic up.
Balenciaga does the ancle part great, but I guess the rest of the shoe wouldn’t really work in a snow and slush. Though they are pretty and I would try to copy them if the climate would be any more on my side.
Dsquared2 does something extreme -as always. The heel is so beautiful and I love the texture of the leather. And it is not an open-toe. So for a night out I don’t think there would be anything sexier to put on your shoes this fall.
What Prada has is again far away from anything that I presented before. It is somewhere between ancle boots and actual boots, but I would count it as a ancle one -as the rest of the shoe is more like an accessorie than actual and working part of the shoe. And don’t you just love that heel?


These ones are what they say they are. All do fill up the claims that a good boot has. They might not have the thickest lining, but that’s understandable, I didn’t think they know anything about a real winter. But let’s go into the look.

Lanvin is such a classic, I love almost anything they do, it is not too fashiony but it still varys every season. The shoe in question is pretty, the leg part is loose -which I think is so cool at the moment, as the snug shape reminds me from my teens when the “slutty” -kind of shoe was kind of a big thing (I think Tom Ford was at the other end of that thing) and I never really wasn’t such a big fan of those. The heel on the Lanvin shoe is perfect. Look to understand the meaning.
Hermés then goes a bit more bohemian and relaxed -strange to say that in contact of Hermés. Suede isn’t the best material in winter shoes I think -if there where you live actual winter kicks in. But I do love the shape and style. If it just wouldn’t be suede I’d love it.
I said something about the slutty shoes that surrounded me when I was younger. Well, Marc went quite close to it at Louis Vuitton. I’m not quite even sure why did I put that up here. It is far too fashiony to wear (in my eyes) and it is such a reminder from the past. But look at the heel! The front and back, interesting and inspiring. Only Marc would do that.
Viktor & Rolf is such a rock’n’roll favorite from this collage. I love the armor and bondage feeling that it has. Dirty? Might be, but I can’t stop desiring them. The creation is wonderful, black is great, shine works and what could be wrong in having the greatest part of your outfit around your feet? I mean we do love Manolos also.


Happy Halloween to everyone!
What are you gonna dress up as?


9 thoughts on “Around our toes I hope.

  1. Love all those shoes and I love my grey booties((: Would LOVE to own one of those knee highs or OVER the knee sorts; But I wouldnt risk being labelled “crazy”. In SG, you’ll sweat; if you wear anything leather~ Which is HORRID):

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