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Models of October

Laurent AlbucherLaurent Albucher’s sophisticated appearance belies his bucolic origins from the French countryside. His classic beauty moves the product as evidenced in such varied clients as Calvin Klein, the Gap and French Connection. The best thing? He’s as sweet as he is stunning. S/S08: CK Calvin Klein by David Sims F/W08: Gap with Mikael Jansson, French Connection. His agencies are: Request Model Management NY, Bleu Model Management, Success Models
Hanne Gaby Odiele
Nationality: Belgian
Birthday: October 8, 1988
Born in: Kortrijk, Belgium
Lives now: New York, NY
Agencies: Storm, Supreme, Women
Known for: Her bangs and smile
Status: Rising star


I just think Odiele is a treasure.


10 thoughts on “Models of October

  1. JULIET!Thank you so much!! You’re such a darling, I so appreciate it! I hope you’re doing well! Sorry about my delayed reply. I wasn’t quite able to get back to you until now!Take care xoxo E

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