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The ones I need

In the last post I told you guys that I was going to need to get a pair of glasses, here are the top three I liked most.

These were the first pair I tried on at the store, at the end I didn’t choose them, though my boyfriend thought I looked very intelligent in them.

Though it turned out that this kind of frames do not suit me I liked these very much. Simple enough, but not too eye catching.

These are the ones I fell in love with, they are quite dramatic cause they were black (my skin is at the moment as white as copypaper) , I liked the way they made me look (not too much like my mom).



14 thoughts on “The ones I need

  1. Oh, P.S. About Mad Men: It’s an excellent show. It’s about an ad agency in the early 1960s. The focus of the show is the characters and their interactions. We get a study of male/female dynamics in the home and office in the 1960s that is really fascinating. Some people (my sister) find it boring…the drama isn’t over the top and the scenes are seeped in meaning not necessarily dialogue.

  2. I’m sure you’ll look fabulous in your new pair of glasses. I love the ones you chose for yourself, they’re really nice!

  3. the design on the sides of the second pair is so nice. all three were good choices. glad you found one you liked!

  4. V says:

    yayyy the last pair would look good but the first would be amazingg tooo!!love your blog. wanna link?

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