fall/winter 08/09, trends, what to wear

Down at the snow.

It seems that some of the Victorian era is back, something that appealed to the strict moral of the late 19th century and the opposite at the 60s. Long hemlines are back bigger than they have been in years. The trick this time isn’t to cover as much of your skin as possible – though it is not the point eather to show off your cleavage.

This time we are seen (by the designer gods -of course) in a evening like long dress, no sleeves, but usually with shoulder straps. Then there must be some grunge and rock in it. Shoes are important, they are the main key to tell everyone you’re not going to the Independence day gala, just to get some grocery, but sneakers aren’t still the way to do it. Some find high heels combined with long hemline difficult or out of line. I think it is a huge do -but only if you got it in you.

And the last importance? Is on the jacket, some prefer over sized blazer (Olsen) and some go with very tight and fitted leather jacket with lots and lots of zippers. I am graving for the leather jacket choice -as I am in a look for one that would be perfect. But the blazer is masculine and powerful enough to carry out the look also. And if you will and happen to have one a small fur would go in the look in these times too.

Accessories are in most cases we have seen trying to copy the spirit of Givenchy, which I think is good for the look. Just don’t try too much. And while talking about the accessories I could mention also that bag should be bigger than big and that it should shine like sun. And if you just happen to have the temperatures below freezing (as I do) go for a scarf, I’d love to have some sleek, slim and huge in my closet at the moment.



My glasses will arrive next week, until then I’ll have to go on with my terrible eye sight.

And then, I have question for you readers;

What do you like in my blog?
What would you want me to get rid off?
Is there something you would like to read in here that I haven’t even thought about yet?

My main concern is outfit photos, for months I have wanted to do them but am affraid that as my style is just ordinary well dressed for the cold weather I’d just ruin all the good that there is in my blog.

if anyone even finished reading all this I am amazed. And thankful for all of the ansvwers.


11 thoughts on “Down at the snow.

  1. just do some outfits, sometimes.. and it really inspires your everyday outfits when you post them..and by the way, your talented bf taking the pics with his awesome camera..they can't be bad!!! just look at mine, taken with my kinder suprise-stupid-camera.i love your stories, i love your passion for the industry and how one can see it through your writing.i sometimes feel my blog is way too superficial, but i get inspired by yours. and all your nice comments.you're a doll <3

  2. I love how dramatic these looks–but people can be so resistant! My friends saw a maxi dress and asked “is it supposed to be that long?” @_@P.S. I like your blog the way it is now. Honestly, there aren’t many who cover things the way you do, but there are tons of outfit/style blogs. Maybe a rare outfit post would be cool, but I enjoy your runway coverage so much as it is.

  3. I definitely agree that Victorian is being brought back! I kind of like this complexity. For your blog, I love what you have now! But it would be awesome to add your outfits! (:

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