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How did Marc became huge?

Marc Jacobs is something most of fashion loving people love. Even Anna Wintour who could be said to be quite choosy, loves him and has took him uneder her wings. He had the chance to study fashion from very early:Jacobs attended the High School of Art and Design in New York City and graduated in 1981. At fifteen, Jacobs worked as a stockboy at Charivari, an avant-garde clothing boutique in New York City. From there, Jacobs entered the Parsons School of Design in New York City. During his tenure at Parsons, Jacobs won the Perry Ellis Gold Thimble Award in 1984 and in the same year was also awarded the Chester Weinberg Gold Thimble Award and the Design Student of the Year Award.

In 1987 Jacobs was the youngest designer to have ever been awarded the fashion industry’s highest tribute, The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent.

While still at Parsons, Jacobs designed and sold his first line of hand-knit sweaters. He designed his first collection for Reuben Thomas, Inc., under the Sketchbook label. Following his studies at Parsons, Jacobs began to design at Perry Ellis (Ellis had died, so he wasn’t there). Jacobs became prominent on the fashion scene when he designed a “grunge” collection for Perry Ellis. Marc Jacobs did his “grunge” collection spring/summer 1993, which lead to his dismissal in 1993. He had got the inspiration from the streets and music, but made the look softer with quality fabrics.

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10 thoughts on “How did Marc became huge?

  1. I remember when he got fired from Perry Ellis for that fug collection, it probably was the best thing to ever happen to him. He used his connections at Perry Elis to help tracy reese, she’s got a huge line now, including a diffusion one called Plenty by Tracy reese.I wanted to say thank you for alway sticking around, you were one of the first to read my blog and I appreciate that.xx

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