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Xmas time for him.

As I sometimes try to do post that have something to do with men too, as I am interested in what’s up for them too. I mean there isn’t that many opinions for guys than there is for girls, so it is fun -I think- to see how designers try to invent the box again.

This time my theme is Christmas and the before and after parties. I think guys are luckier than us girls here, in this time of year they can be as inventive as any other time, no one is trying to dress them in a LBD (well, of course guys wouldn’t wear a dress, but you know where I was going for).This time I put one designer in one box, after all in one collection there is ment to be outfits for very different occasions, and as the differences between collection and an other is mostly in done by the designer -not some random trend I think it is nice to see how some my favorite desigers do it for homme.

Viktor & RolfSuprisingly it is relaxed and looks like easy move clothing. Very 007.
And that is something I adore on men. 

ValentinoNot at all so suprising Valentino does very strict and official look for the gents, I do like it though it is a bit too Chuck Bass for me. 

Calvin KleinI guess here are no surprise eather that CK has a futuristic style. It is simple, sleek, and looks good (when not overdone). 

Bottega VenetaRelaxed and street are first words. Sartorialist might come to mind then. When knowing the femme line you wouldn’t suppose this. But still it is my on my top two list with V&R.Juliet

She’s Dressing Up, I’m sorry that I haven’t commented back to you, but all I see on your blog is the header.


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