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2009 Who are you?

I would guess that grunge will get stronger. It has been getting stronger a while already and I see no reason why would that stop. Regression is slowly getting it’s hands on all of us and what happened the last time it did? Nirvana. I’m betting on this one. To name few other looks that will be big at spring are “wild child”, tailored and old Hollywood with a lemon twist.

My absolute favorite is the wild child. It has huge influences from hippies, Indians and joy of mixing things. And if I’m honest I have dreamed of wearing feathers in my hair and go for an adventure with organza and fridges. Alessandro Dell’Aqua did my favorite in this genre. I don’t think it could have been any better. Hermés was on the same train too, though -as European with no relationship towards US- it left me cold. I love cowboys ( Toy story! ), but enough is enough.

It is quite surprising how big deal tailoring has grown into, but I am a big fan. not that I would yet like to dress all that smart -or that I even would have the concentration for it – but I think it is good to remind people how you can take your shoes to the shoemaker instead of just buying new pair or retrieve, nurse or even DIY the clothes you already own. After you find out what your basic wardrobe includes it is easier to decide how much money you should and can put on a pair of jeans that you’ll wear twice a week for couple of years or once or twice a month for an half of year. Outside of fashion – in style, I think it is important to own decent base on your wardrobe, it can be H&M or Marc Jacobs, the main thing is just to own it. Without is mornings become a lot harder.

Old Hollywood is amazing, I am a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Givenchy is my favorites and old movies are worth it just for the inspiration. I’m not alone I see, Givenchy must be the guy that inspired so many designers for this spring. You can see it in Nina Ricci, Dsquared2, Fendi, Gianfranco Ferré and Giambattista Valli. And many more. In here I don’t just mean the evening gowns, I mean how the structure, texture and materials have been handled and mixed together. It’s not an easy ride to follow but it is the most classical, most beautiful, most loved, soughtafter and yes, very very chic.

My prediction for 2009:

+ leggings
+ stilettos
+ one shoulder
+ LBD in any style
+ white
+ pink (just like Coco says)
+ Hard Core Shoes
+ gold
+ shimmer
+ seethrough
+ goth

– wedges
– anything you wore five years ago
– kitten heels
– too many details
– colorful / pattern tights
– too tight clothes
– shy accessoriesing
– glitter
– bad fitting clothes
– botox
– gladiators
– lot of makeup


Argue now, please :).

I’ll be gone for few days as I’ll have some peace and quiet and am taking brake from the blog.


29 thoughts on “2009 Who are you?

  1. I think you are RIGHT ON with your fashion predictions for the new year, especially the one shoulder thing… And I hope you are right about those trends that are hopefully on their way out! Really fun selection of runway looks – I believe I am a hybrid of all 3 types, if that’s possible?Here’s hoping your 2009 is fashionably fabulous, darling Juliet!xoxox,CC

  2. yeah, i’m not very much into the cowboy thing either. boots are okay, but i don’t think i’d go for the hats.

  3. I love your picks! I am actually really liking the grunge looks now. I think they are kind of free and artistic. It’s hard to describe! But I still love some good tailoring!

  4. I hate leggings, I did it once, never more -I know I shouldn’t say that- but definetely, I cannot stand leggings! LBD and one shoulder, with stilettos, my prediction!

  5. I really love the grunge look. But I hope everything won’t be so mainstream. If you know what I mean. ;) Happy 2009 dear! :D

  6. Hmmm I think wedges will always be in…especially in the warm weather you can get those strappy sandal ones. Leather should be in for 2009 also!

  7. I think Glitter has at least one more year year left. Wet look tights will also be big this year. There is trend in menswear that i noticed on hte catwalks that i wonder if it will catch on. Mens shorts have gotten a lot shorter this year

  8. thank god u think too tight clothes is going out. so not flattering on someone with hips like me. im happy about stilettos. i wear them almost everyday. manolo and christian are favs. im loving the one shoulder but i dont agree with the shimmer…. well seexxo

  9. OH NO NOT THE PATTERNED TIGHTS?!i hope they wont be a -!but i agree, i think the grunge look will stay, and i must admit i am glad :)would you like to link exchange?molly x

  10. Hey Juliet, Thanks fr dropping by my blog. Love your blog. You’ve made some interesting predictions here. I definitely think it’s time for a grunge comeback and also a more punk/DIY ethos coming through (not that faux punk tartan and torn jeans thing though).

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