Lazy day posting.

Full Name: Alena EnikeevaHair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 175cm / 5′9″
Bust: 79 cm / 30″
Waist: 63 cm / 25″
Hips: 91 cm / 36″

place of origin: Khabarovsk, Russia
date of birth: 1988

Agency Placements

Mother Agency: PH Model Management
NY: New York Model Management
Milan: Women Management
London: Independent
Tokyo: Yo Models

Work Experience

Amica Italy, Glamour Italia, Vanity Fair Italy


My school starts today. I rather not go.


14 thoughts on “Lazy day posting.

  1. she has gorgeous cheekbones .ah, how i envy models !today was my third day back to school … yuck .i hope yours was good :]x

  2. got the same hip size as her only i’m much shorter, does it count?? :) I like ur lazy post, hope first day at school was better that expected…

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