Givenchy loves Aeon.

Aeon Flux came out in 2005, but I saw it just few weeks ago. First thing on my mind? Givenchy. The movie is based on a comic. So it is no surprise that it took over my heart. Charlize Theron is staring this amazing story that is 400 years in the future. Four centuries after a virus nearly decimated the human race, leaving only five million survivors in a utopian city called Bregna. Aeon is struggling to destroy the Goodchild regime led by its namesake, Trevor Goodchild, the ruler of Bregna and a descendant of the man who found a cure for the deadly virus. As instructed by the Handler, Aeon is assigned to assassinate Goodchild, but there are deeper secrets to be discovered, and conspiracies to be foiled. And so on and so one. As in science fiction comics there are clones, incredible tecnology, girl assassins and karate-ish fights. And yeah, love. Deep deep under all nerds are romantics, I should know as I date one.

While watching Aeon Flux even the one with even distant interest to clothing and fashion notices a lot of costumes to dream of. Of course it is clear that after four hundred years people have kind a got sick of the 60s etc. and created something new and fresh. Behind all that? Beatrix Aruna Pasztor, you have seen her work in Basic Instinct 2, Psycho and Alfie. She has won The Golden Satellite Award for the costumes in movie Vanity Fair.

In Aeon the cut of the clothes is very sharp, like lazer. In my eyes there are no shy outfits. Along with the hair, colors are deep and there is nothing boring. The movie truly stole my heart. Not just the costumes, the plot worked like hell too.
So I mentioned Givenchy. Don’t you just think of this spring’s collection along with few older ones when you look at the pictures? I know I do.

Here is Givenchy’s spring and summer 2009, just to compare.


16 thoughts on “Givenchy loves Aeon.

  1. this movie was on tv the other day, I watched a bit of it. She and this other girl are running down a field and they jump down a hill and all of a sudden a tousand knives pop up from the field and the girl is about to land her feet right on them and that’s when i closed my eyes and changed the channel. so scary.

  2. I actually haven’t seen it, but I probably should, because I know what brilliant of an actor Charlize Theron is. Nice post ;)xx. mavvie

  3. a bit, with the black and the cutouts. i think i’ve seen this movie, but it’s been a while, so i don’t really remember what happens.

  4. I used to watch Aeon Flux back on MTV in the early 90’s (I feel old) but I loved the cartoon but never saw the movie. I love Givency’s Spring 2009 collection.xo, d-

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