Collection, couture, spring/summer 2009

Couture on me.

I ment to do a huge couture post now as the pictures finally are online. But now I think I’ll never get enough of Dior. I have always admired Galliano, but to tell the truth he just haven’t ever made me fly before. Unlike many else.

I have no words for the Dior show. Perfection on earth I must say. You’ll get more of that here. I promise.

Armani rarely is my piece of cake. Collections often are too structured and grown up. But I loved this one! The beauty of the designs wake up in the detail shots. In a big picture it is just too hard to focus on the little pits.

If saying ordinary with couture wouldn’t be almost a crime, I’d say this was. Very very simple and clean.
The finishing dress made me close to tiers. Very very French I think -I know, I’ve never been there :D.

xxxWait for more!


9 thoughts on “Couture on me.

  1. I really wasn’t so keen on the Dior collection this time. I can see why people like it so much, I guess it just isn’t for me.

  2. i know what you think, dior was amazing!!! or even more. no words can describe it. i liek armani prive, its very red carpet like. so its nice to see in advance what well se on red carpet that ss.

  3. I liked more Chanel couture than Dior, I guess this year is the first time in my whole life that I think so…Givenchy wasn’t bad either

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