Collection, fall/winter 09/10

From Scandinavia with love.

I promised I would report the Acne show’s best. But it turned out harder than I thought. This year -as I already told- Acne decided to make a exhibition instead usual runway show. It looks great, as you can see. Probably walking would have been hard even for champs like Giselle or Sasha. And please focus on the plastic leggings, aren’t they incredible? My enthusiasm might be just cause I still find it hard to wear leggings my self and cause of that it’s much, much easier to like clothning pieces like those.

Acne has truly been huge since their collaboration with Lanvin that came out last December. I loved the all jean collection, but am still happy that Acne had it in them to stand up and do something else now. And I just can’t think of what would be more far away from those cute denim pieces than this collection full of dark depressed black, plastic and killer heels(in the original of the term).

I guess I’m a true grunge girl -not outside, though I’d like to go that way eventually- but inside. Kurt took my heart in abou tthe same time I strated to open it to my real live lover. The grunge inside me loves how Acne created a collection full of 20cm heels and something quite opposite.

Jewels are supposed to be small now -or that’s the way I’ve been using them past months. And the eyecathcing, simple but still rock’ing necklace just blows my hear all over the place. I might have to starve myself a month for that, but I don’t care.

There’s not much colors withs is fine by me. After all in fall everything is dying around us so it just feels natural not to wear hot pink and green when the biggest force -nature – is giving them up. Black, grey, dust and beige in soft shades make my a bit melancholy heart pump with excitement.

In the end of the day one always need some basic clothing, and for next fall I think this’ll be all we need. i like how the blond models hair is blond on the right and a bit darker on the left. Cruel la Devil on a modern and a Way more fashionable way. I might even try it. If I dare.

Pictures were hard to find. These collages were made by Stylebite at


BF’s making pizza -oh how i love him :D !
need to go,
take care!


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