Cold feet

I have no idea why I am feeling like this. But I do. I’m scared as hell. Sure I have traveled before and it’s not even the flying that is making me feel … bad about all this. Something just doesn’t klick. I never thought I would be tarvelling to Paris like this. For more than a year now it’s been my dream to go there -with my love. And the fact that he won’t be there with me. The fact that he’ll be home all alone all week. Is making me feel blue. Having Valentine’s day during that week doesn’t help at all as you can guess.

I have traveled before with my friends when I’ve been on an orchestra’s concert tours. But somehow those always have felt really safe. Maybe it’s cause I haven’t known my the girls from the school that long. I mean we just met in September. Four months is nothing when compared to the time I’ve known my orchestra buddies (from five to fifteen years).

But as I know how much Paris will build the relationship between us it’s not really what I’m afraid of. So what is it?
I have no idea (yeah, this is kind a long and self-centered post, feel free to skip).

I have done notes (yeah I know, it’s just my thing….) of Paris, about shopping, sights. Spend a huge amount of time with maps. But the more time I put into it the more insecure I feel. In the end of the day I’m still just a 19-year-old girl who just moved on her own. And am surprisingly having hard time -not with living on my own, but traveling while I do it.

I’d love to think that Paris would be like I’ve dreamed it to be. Beautiful, full of life and fashion, good food, sunrises and sunsets. Am I having too high expectations for it? London survived on my “test”, but that was the end of summer with people who told me what to do and where. Being on my own feels good just as long as I can switch it off when I want to.

Huh, now I need to cheer my self up. I can’t wait for Notre-Dame, all the vintage and window shopping. I promised bf I’d get lots of chocolate for him. And a playboy. It’s French after all.


What to get from Paris?

Wine? Chocolate? Magazines? Vintage? Tiny Eiffel Tower? Postcards?
Jewels? Books? Shoes? Make-up?


26 thoughts on “Cold feet

  1. I´m sure your trip will be wonderful! It´s normal to feel stressed and even scared before the trip, so don´t worry. :) I wish I could go to Paris too! It´s my dream to travel over there. I love France so much (as a country, culture and language). :)Have a great time! :)

  2. Oh, I hope you have a wonderful trip. I always get nervous about journeys right before and I’m pretty much always going alone…sometimes you want to go somewhere but it just feels just as important to have someone with you when you get there…

  3. don’t know about sunrises and sunsets, but Paris won’t disappoint you on the rest!! I came back from Paris this morning, having had a wonderful time, full of beautiful pics I just can’t stop posting and tons of new clothes (and no money:)) it is very-very cold there at the mo, but living in Finland I think you will manage just fine.don’t be nervous about the trip, enjoy every moment discovering Paris and …rediscovering yourself!

  4. What to get from Paris?Head over to Saint Germain, they have amazing bookstores there, including Taschen! There are cheap books, expensive, art, and novels, a very inspiring place! In Saint Germain you can also find amazing food, postcards, everything! Its where I used to live in Paris, and it is very French and not too tourist-y!Hope you enjoy your trip! :D

  5. I am sure you'll be fine;) I'd go in this order:1.vintage2.magazines3. macaroons *you should try them! 4. wine5. shoes&jewels6. tiny eiffel tower -is a must (…)7. postcards8. books -if you understand…9. make-up doesn't really make a difference…

  6. You are going to have an amazing time. It’s ok to be nervous! I know you will have a great time. I think you should do loads of cheese and loads of wine!

  7. I’m sure that trip will turn out fine eventually =) I’d get Eiffel tower earrings in sterling silver and vintage finds =)

  8. Enjoy Paris – have an amazing time! Invest in beautiful jewels from flea markets, delicious chocolates, Bourjois make up (the packaging is so much prettier in France) and loads of postcards to remind you of your trip!x

  9. I hope you have an amazing time in Paris – savor every moment! I think it will live up to your expectations; many people have said that it IS that beautiful city they’ve dreamed about. YOU’RE SO LUCKY YOU CAN GO! I wish I could go! But seriously. HAVE A GREAT TIME! We’re going to miss you!

  10. try not to worry too much, and just enjoy the experience! Paris is a truly amazing AMAZING city, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you found it quite the same as the place you imagine in your dreams.

  11. The first time I went to Paris I hated it, but now each time I go back I love it more and more.One tip though, if people come up to you begging and ask if you speak english pretend you don’t understand them or they might follow you around for ages. Oh and make sure you see the Eiffel tower at night.And, of course, pretned to be Carrie Bradshaw! Have fun!

  12. I’d say just take it easy and try to enjoy Paris as yourself rather than trying to replicate things you’ve heard to see that relate to Paris. I was worried about high expectations ruining my trip when I was to NYC but I think you just have to get a feel for a city in your own way and make it your own enjoyable experience. And I’m sure you’ll bond with the girls while you’re there and realised afterwards that it wasn’t anything to worry about.Have a wonderful time!

  13. First off, have a fab time, which I am sure you will! Make sure you make the most of it, I was in your shoes not so long ago and it turned out to be the most amazing experience of my life. Make sure you go to Le Marais and visit vintage stores, and Rue de Rivoli to spend some cash. Oh and try lauduree on the Champs Elysees, it is super expensive but so worth it — the best macaroons you could try! And go to the latin quarter and spend time at Luxembourg gardens. Ah Paris is so amazing, thinking of all these things is making my skin tingle!

  14. I went to Paris, last spring. Besides, my teacher a five other classmates, I knew no one. Notre Dame is amazing but I was more amazed by Sacre Coeur. Keep your bag tight to your body on the metro. Also read, lots of blogs. That’s kind of how I survived. I also used the Cherry Blossom Girl, guide of Paris. I got a couple fabulous items. Also don’t let any thing ruin your trip!!!!!

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