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Fashion week: 3.1 Phillip Lim

So here I go. It feels like fashion weeks started years ago, though it actually isn’t quite as long. But long still. So as I usually daily update during fashion weeks on all the collections I can get my hands on and that feel even a bit inspiring. Now I clearly am far too late for that. Luckly for those who want quick check have blogs that have done it for the season F/W 09. Like MaholoFashion or Tutti Dolce, and I do think they did better job than I would have. They are just so great.So what am I doing instead is special feature on each collection I find gorgeous. There may be many, there may be not so many. Don’t really know yet as I haven’t begun my research yet. But I’ll try to keep honest on the number, what ever it is.

3.1 Phillip Lim is the one I started whit -as you may see on the title. Like always Phillip did great job. He had all the right people on his show -buyers that is. And I’m glad for Lim. Though he is nowadays a regular award winner / celeb loved and generally seen as hugely gifted and talented designer I still remember when I was trying to find out what the heck 3.1 at the beginning of the name ment when he first got his jackpot.

This Fall/Winter 09 collection is quite a treasure and I love from the first sight. I guess the recression might be one of the reasons why designers have seemed a bit shy to show off new trends but I think that at least in here, Lim has shown a great versatility of the trends we all eagerly are waiting for in next spring. Military jacket one that Balmain got us all drooling for, the fur that has already started to see some slowing down (I guess partly cause spring is coming and people just can’t wait) and all that glitters, which .. well has been just about all around.

Gold seems to be source of inspiration. I really like this, though the timing seems funny in a slightly odd way. I love the way the sparckling sequin top has been combined with grandpa’s pants in the first picture. In the third one there are huge vibes from the 70s, but the skinnies make it updated to the 21st century.
And do I even need to start about the fourth pictures clearle Wang inspired shirt under and the gorgeously golden sequin jacket? Just those have been doing the whole blogworld crazy lately -but here they are in a feminine cut with a bob and looking quite hot.

Sonia Rykiel got her “hair jacket” here is another one. Fur can be usen is everywhere, the gift of it is that when used in somewhere else than a coat it looks deeply interesting. I’m glad Lim didn’t go to the traditional way. It’s getting far too boring -I don’t know is it just me as a study it or the rest of the globe with me. In this kind of intriguing way fur trend could live another winter. Though anything like this would be quite hard to come by in a vintage shop and not so many have afford to it. I hope nobody thinks of Chinese fur as a solution to get the thing for cheaper. None of us wants that kind of gilt on their shoulders. 

Here is the continuance of the Balmain’s started military trend. I love the feminine touch. I’ve always been more of a fall girl than spring -partly cause I’m from the countryside and in there spring means just mud and … well to put it straight -shit. Literally. So fall with all the dressing up and red lipstick (whic we don’t have here) has always been better choise for me. The jumpsuit on the third picture captured my heart. Something so grey and simple! Having a good coat clearly is something that’s important next fall. So I think this allows us all to jump into the military thing for good -if it’s here for at least two seasons I see no reason why having a piece of your own would be spent money in a bad way.

I think these three shots capture the essence of the beauty and the accessorising in this show. I think there is no clearer sign to tell that shoes are the main thing that carrying one in your hand. Is it trying to say that it’s no longer about the it -bag? We all know what the red means. Too obvious.
About the makeup and hair then. On hair simple, clean cut is most important thing -having all in control. That’s the opposite of my hair. The makeup is kind a gamine: Beautiful skin, lots of lashes, no lipstick nor lipgloss. Something deeply innocent and sweet. In the way that men want to help you to carry your bags.


here is some stunning shots backstage to get the feeling.

Notice the vintage dress -effect.

9 thoughts on “Fashion week: 3.1 Phillip Lim

  1. Love philip Lim! ive been a fan of his since the begining! he is brilliant. Sonia R is always stylish but witty.happy wknd xMarian

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