22 thoughts on “Chloé in five pictures.

  1. Hi Juliet sorry school is being so stressful. Just do the best you can my dear and try not to worry about it ok.love Chloe collection.big hug xMarian

  2. CHLOE IS ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITES! The clothes were amazing, the accessories were delicious, and the makeup is so covetable!Hope everything goes well with school, darling!

  3. Don’t feel depressed, you have an amazing blog! But I totally get the whole busy thing. I’m not sure what I thought of this Chloe collection.

  4. I really like the turn up shorts from Chloe’s collection, I like nude palette too, but I’m not sure about all the sludgy green / grey colours ….Sorry your feeling sad, school starting to get me down too, but at least it’ll be spring break soonx

  5. thanks for this post!this collection is just lovely, love these soft colours and flowy silhouettes and those fab shoes.and hope you´ll get better soon:)marie

  6. Great pics of Paris. It’s nice to see Paris in early spring because I’ve always been there in the summer.And I like the way you’ve cut the Watchmen pics. What a great movie!

  7. the school is really doing it’s best, or not the school.. the peeps and the teachers.. my mom was horrified of the pattern-thing.. I had to ease my heart..

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