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Matthew Williamson

So by now I think everyone knows that the first peeks of Matthew Williamson for H&M collaboration have leaked. The clothes have also started to go around the magazines editorials. I have heard rumors that for example Finnish Olivia would have had some of the garmets shown. As a student with a tight budget I have no idea if it’s true. But the timing doesn’t sound mad. These times they usually go up there.

I have to admit that before this I wasn’t that big on him, but I now sincerely can say that am waiting this as much as I few years ago was waiting for Viktor & Rolf (they were my favorites then). So now I want to show both the actual collection and the H&M version side to side. So when April 23rd the collection hits the stores (and online, which is where I’ll be) we know what to run for.
Now girls as all of you who have tried to find these know. Beyond hard. It was just link after another.

I think this blazer is something that everyone has seen and loved. Only thing that isn’t gorgeous in it must be the prize. The material looks like something out of ordinary at H&M. Though you never know before you know. The shock color is gorgeous and I think it’s just great that he didn’t go as far that it would be too much of a copy paste. I would love the blazer, but wouldn’t maybe get the whole combo. As I don’t work in an office I think it would be too much for me.

I must say that in here the material difference shows. I think that the H&M version looked amazingly cute, but now side to side it kind a looks… blah. But no matter what it’s my favorite color! I quess if the prize would be under 80€ and if i would be rich I would get it.

Oh I like this better than the original! Though in this case there were a lot of dresses like this, but in a moment I liked this most so that’s why it’s up here.
The H&M dress looks so gorgeous. I’d like to have it. So much! But of course the belt makes it look so much better. I wonder is the shoes with H&M dress are H&M too? Or something way over?

Is it just me or doesn’t this dress look so much like H&M? Only D&G has that kind of dresses up stage, but they have decent materials. I have a bad feeling about this. Don’t yet know what is wrong with it: the prize, fit, material. But in the nightmare last night I had something similar on.

julietI’ll post some news to you soon.

Love you!

(Good day :D)


21 thoughts on “Matthew Williamson

  1. This is an excellent observation! I love H & M soo much. Thank you for the comment! My little sisters take the pictures of me and I take the ones of them! Kinda of trade haha.

  2. Haha, you are to funny! Well, I have seen everyrhing up close and let me say that I will be lining up to get my hands on the blue peacock dress. I also liked the sequined dress:-

  3. Great comparisons…I’m actually a fan of cheap shops ripping off big names…I mean I feel bad for the “artists” who design, but I love the feeling that I can afford pretty pieces…

  4. i’m waiting… i need blue dress… and the belt is georgeous!!!XX!!Could you link me ? ;) Thanks! I’ve added you to my blogroll.XXX!!!

  5. Hi there,I loved very much Viktor and Rolf collection too. I bought a blouse, a top and underwear for a long time ago. This is exciting. I like your comparison. My bargain will be (i hope so) a cardigan with peacock feather.xoxo: Janet

  6. I really like the suit and the printed dress but the rest of it looks a little boring from what I’ve seen. I’m not really into these designer/highstreet pairings though – I always find the quality horrible.

  7. oon rakastunut tohon sähkönsiniseen bleiseriin, voi olla että se on ihan pakko saada… toivottavasti hinta on semmonen sopiva :-))

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