what to wear

What I want. What I need.

It’s almost April and it’s snowing. All day. Seriously, I’m saying that there is about 10 cm of new snow on the ground and it hasn’t stopped yet. Oh well, into something positive now.

I know everyone does these. Lists of things they feel or know they need. And as everyone who knows me well in person knows -I love lists! Though this spring is no exception to the ones before it. I need to shop. It’s literately the first and last thing on my mind.

I could have mentioned a lot of other bloggers, Karla and Rumi are blog icons by now. The most important thought on my mind is the blazer. I need it. I have non. Zero. I had my one and only one when aged 13. It was baby blue. Perfect fit. I wore it until it broke apart. The second is quite obvious. I have already few jeans picked out that I’m going to play with. But surprisingly time is my enemy.

Number three and four are just for pleasure. The panties are just my addiction. When someone else shops for tops they never use I shop for gorgeous lingerie. The bangle is maybe by my favorite jewellery -designer. And it sparkles. Oh, well I’m a girl.



My addiction to Sims 2 (pc) has got a grip of me again. That’s why I’m quiet :D.


7 thoughts on “What I want. What I need.

  1. There’s still snow where you are? It’s clearing up so nicely this year here. I’m happy because last year we had big snow storms around this time. Don’t worry though I’m sure summer will be kind to you!

  2. Hi Fashion Lolita ;)Just wanted to say I really love your blog and posts.I think their all very usefull, so I think it’s time to put you on my blogroll! Nice work ;)x Laurahttp://stylecoaching.blogspot.com

  3. hi juliet,yes, blazers are a must—right now were in the middle of the summer heat and i’m not so sure about me wearing them, but i have a few good blazers just waiting for fall to come;)thanks for dropping by my blog! in case you were wondering, its Olympus FE-360. extremely affordable and packs a punch.xoxohttp://chicinthetropics.blogspot.com

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