True Blood season II

I know I’ve said this one too many times, but it’s show to see. No matter you liked the Twilight or Six feet under. True Blood is the best HBO has given to the world right after SATC. I wouldn’t spam my blog just for any show. And though the styling might not appeal to fashion hungry readers of mine I’m sure they all like the drama and the most intelligent plot I’ve ever come across on TV.

And to the junkies like me, here are some previews from the season II. The air date is June 14th 2009. I keep on waiting.



What The F*ck is Jason doing in there?

I can’t believe I got that many comments!
This week I promise to be better blogger.


13 thoughts on “True Blood season II

  1. omg, everyone’s getting so insane over TB—it’s about to premiere this april 9 though on max (HBO channel still) but i’m like.. on vacation! sob**.. but will definitely watch it when i get back!!have a fantastic week luv!much loveeden

  2. E says:

    Hm, I don’t know how I feel about True Blood! I watched Season 1 and sort of lost interest! oh no!!!Maybe I’ll try and watch it again for Season II ;)

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