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I have an appointment with hairdresser tomorrow and just haven’t yet figured out what to do with my hair. I’d like to try bangs again. But for me that would be kind a much to work with daily, though I want to look gorgeous during summer and that would make it. And then, Brunette or redhead? Can’t decide. I’ve been both. And I love both. They work on me well. Oh well what will I say to her?
So here are my favorite two looks. Carrie going brunette and Kirsten Dunst with the Mary Jane Watson hair. Which one do you like best?

What would you say about handful of designer garment for less than 200€?

I’ve you’ve missed the big news somehow Outnet.com has opened today. The little sister of Net-a-Porter.com has much much better prices for students like me. You can get Marc Jacobs bag under 100€ and Louboutin’s for 150€ ! And I saw this one amazing Chloé dress -for 80€ !

I’ll get on shopping right after I get back home from the gym -I’m almost late already!

And last but not the least, Matthew Williams for H&M collection is on display online now. There’s much more that we hadn’t seen before.

Here is the most of it.




11 thoughts on “Update.

  1. Love this post, J! I am soooo excited about the Outnet. And getting a haircut is so exciting! I have been wanting to do something drastic, too!xoxox,CC

  2. love this post <3 I choose Carrie for sure ! i have to visit Outnet.com , this website looks very interesting :-)xoxo

  3. I went on Outnet this morning but didn't have a proper chance to look at the stuff. Now I imagine all the goodies have gone.And I think red hair sounds lovely – I always like the shade of Grace in Will & Grace's hair.

  4. I LOVE love Kirsten Dunst's hair here, it looks lovely. If i were to choose, I would do red, but it also fades quickly, so its a hard choice. Both are lovely.Andd eeee the H&M collection looks great so excited

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